We are the Hobart Society of Recorder Players (HSRP), formed in 1973. Currently we have 24 members, and in the past our membership has averaged from 20 to 30 members. Our principle aim is to promote the playing of, and appreciation of, music for recorders. To do this we meet regularly; as a large group in an appropriate sized space; usually with 80% or more of members attending, and as small practice groups in members’ homes or the same venue.

Our meetings enable us to practice and play a wide range of music, either arranged for, or specifically written for, the recorder; sometimes other instruments such as percussion, voice, piano, guitar or viol are included. We cater for a wide range of skill levels.

To promote recorder music in the community, we regularly distribute a Newsletter to our members and to others interested in the recorder. We also hold public concerts involving some or all of our players; in places such as churches, libraries, museums and schools.

Music is selected for our concerts in such a way that players of different skill levels can participate. Our audiences have ranged in size from 15 to 150. We have also played at gallery openings, weddings and funerals. Donations towards expenses are invited where appropriate.

In addition to regular coaching from our Music Director, once or twice a year we have a visiting tutor to help hone our skills and broaden the range of music played. Workshop venues and fees are announced at the time of advertising the workshop. Concerts and Workshops are listed on our Agenda page

Once a year we hold a long weekend camp at a member’s beach shack.  We make music, swim, fly kites, ride bicycles along the beach and, of course, eat great food. Visiting players are welcome by arrangement.

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