Library Catalogue

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ComposerNo of partsParts forTitle
AAROEN, Asgeir4AATB + 3 GuitarsDraumare i Maneskin
ADAMS, A. Emmett3SST + PianoThe Bells of St. Marys
ADISON, John6SAAATTBCourtly Masquing Ayes (2 volumes)
ADSON, John5SSATBCourtly masquing ayres
ADSON, John5SSATBTwo Courtly Masquing Ayres
ADSON, John5SSATBCourtly masquing ayres vols I and II
ADSON, John6SoSATTBCourtly Masquing Ayres
AGRICOLA, Alexander3ATB/SATCesus non judicat de coloribus
AKED, Lindsay4SAATSuite for Recorders
ALBRECHTSBERGER, J.G.4SATBEnigmas, canons and fugues
ALFORD, Kenneth J5SopATTBColonel Bogey
ALLEGRI, Lorenzo6SSATTBSuite in 6 parts
ALLEGRI, Lorenzo5SSATBQuinto Ballo detto io Ninfe di Senna
ALTENBURG, Michael7AAATTGB2 Intradas (1620) Ein Feste Burg
ALTENBURG, Michael7SSATTGB2 Intradas (1620) Vater unser in Himmelreich
AMERICAN Recorder Soc.4SATBElizabethan delights.
AMERICAN Recorder Soc.4SATBSentimental songs
AMERICAN Recorder Soc.4SATBVintage Burgundy.
AMERICAN Recorder Soc.4SATBThree 16 cent chansons Francais
ANON4SAA/TB4 pieces from the Henry VIII manuscript
ANON4S/A TTBEarly Chamber music
ANON4SATBBe Thou My Vision – ancient Irish melody
ANON4S S/A T GbAnonymous Master of Breslau, Sonata
ANON4SA/TA/TBSeven Dances from the Court of Henry V111
ANON4SATBTwo French Dances
ANON4SATBGreensleeves Arr by Walter Bergmann
ANON4SATBNine sixteenth century dances
ANON4SATBFourteen Elizabethan Dances
ANON4SATBSeven Elizabethan dances (from the Lumley books)
ANON4SATBSeven more Elizabethan dances (from the Lumley books)
ANON4S S/A S/A GBSonata Arr. by E.H.Meyer
ANON5SSATBTanze aus dem goldenen zeitalter
ANON5SAATBTwo Elizabethan quintets
ANON5SATTBFive Tudor consorts
ANON5SSATBIn an English Garden ,arr by Ross Winters
ANON3SST/SATMusic from Shakespeare's day
ANON3ATB+ keyboardMusic for a Merry Christmas – 5. Coventry Carol
ANON3SAT+ pianoSlavonic Tunes arr. Walter Bergman
ANON1ABird Fancyer's Delight
ANON1S + PianoGreensleeves to a ground
ANON5SSATBMaria Durch ein Dornwald ging
ANON1A + PianoFive Light Suites from the Baroque
ANONYMOUS1S + HarpsichordGreensleeves to a Ground
ARNE, Thomas1S/ACantata “The Morning”
ARNE, Thomas2SAShort Duets Vol 1
ARNOLD, Malcolm1A + PianoSonatina - opus 41
ATTAINMENT, Pierre4ATTB or SATBEight Chansons
AUBERT, Jacque1S + PianoLa Musette et la Bergere
AUBERT, Jacques1S + pianoAmuzette IV
AUGSBURGIENSIS, Johann Fischer3ATBTafelmusik
AUTENREITH, Ronald J.3SATChristmas Trios for Recorders
BACH1AA Bach Book - 20 Passages from flute parts in the Church Sonatas
BACH CPE3AA, B & or pianoTrio in G major
BACH JS3SABPrelude XX1V (24) Fugue II (2) from book 1
BACH JS2SAFrom the Notebook - Anna Magdalena
BACH JS3SABPrelude XXII and fugue XIV from Book II of the '48'
BACH JS3SAB22 chorale preludes vol I
BACH JS3SATAllegretto and Andante from the 3-part inventions
BACH JS3AABChorale prelude
BACH JS3SATJesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
BACH JS3AABTrio Sonata BWV 1039 in B flat major
BACH JS3ATBSonate 1 (BWV 525), ar by Max Howard,
BACH JS3Alto voice, AA recs + violinAria “Yet Jesus will the righteous keep”, from cantata 46
BACH JS3Sop voice, AA + pianoAria “Sheep may safely, while the shepherd..”
BACH JS3AA + violin + pianoAndante from Brandenburg 4
BACH JS3AA(GB) + pianoTriostucke
BACH WF3SATTwo fughettas
BACH WF3SABThree Fugues
BACH, C.P.E1A + PianoSonata
BACH, J. C.1A + PianoSonata - F maggiore
BACH, J. S.2AA +Voice, PianoSheep May Safely, while their Shepherd
Bach, J. S.1A + Voice, Violin, PianoStone, Above All Others Treasured
BACH, J. S.4AATB22 Chorale Preludes
BACH, J. S.4SATBCanzona
BACH, J. S.1A8 Pieces for Alto
BACH, J. S.1S/T + PianoTwo Minuets
BACH, J. S.1A + PianoSonata in F
BACH, J. S.1A + PianoSonata no. 2
BACH, J. S.1AA Bach Book 20 passages from flute parts in the Church Sonatas
BACH, J. S.1A/BFourteen Bach Chorales
BACH, J. S.1APartita
BACH, J. S.1A + PianoPastorale
BACH, J. S.2AA15 Zweistimmige Inventionen
BACH, J. S.1A + PianoFrom the Musical Offering
BACH, J. S.2AT + PianoTrio 1
BACH, J. S.2AT + PianoTrio 2
BACH, J. S.2ST + PianoAria from Cantata no 202
BACH, J. S.2AT + PianoAffectuoso from Brandenburg No 5
BACH, J. S.2AT + PianoAndante from Brandenburg No 2
BACH, J. S.2AA + oboe/violin/celloA Christmas Concerto arr Hunt
BACH, J. S.2B Gb + Piano/violaTrio in F
BACH, J. S.2SSMovements - Twelve pieces arr Walker
BACH, J. S.2AA15 Zweistimmige Inventionen
BACH, J. S.1S + PianoTwo Minuets
BACH, J.C2SS + PianoSonata in G (arr. Bergmann)
BACH, J.S2AA + Violin + PianoAndante from Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G
BACH, J.S2AT + PianoTrio II
BACH, J.S2SBTwo-part Inventions no. 1 - 11, 14, 15 arr. Andresson
BACH, J.S2SA7 Bach Inventionen (1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 13, 15)
BACH, J.S2AADuets for treble recorders
BACH, J.S2SA + PianoAndante fromCantata 74
BACH, J.S1S/A + Violin + PianoSonata (from Cantata 182)
BACH, J.S.4SATBContrapunctus 1 and 3 from The Art of Fugue
BACH, J.S.4SATBContrapunctus IV and IX from Art of Fugue
BACH, J.S.4SATBArt of the fuge Contrapunctus 1
BACH, J.S.4SATBFugue in C minor BWV 537, Fugue XXIII from Book II
BACH, J.S.4SATBFugues II and V from Book II of the '48'
BACH, J.S.4SATBArt of the Fugue - Contrapunctus 10 arr by D Bamforth
BACH, J.S.4SATBZwei Fugen aus " Die Kunst der fuge"
BACH, J.S.4SSA(T)T(B)Aus Johann Sebastian Bach's Notenbuchlein fur Anna Magdalena
BACH, J.S.4SATBBach chorales from the Christmas Oratorio
BACH, J.S.4SAATCanzona for recorder quartet
BACH, J.S.4SATBPrelude and fugue XVI from Book II of the '48'
BACH, J.S.4SATBDir, dir Jehova (arr) G. Marillier
BACH, J.S.4SATBThree Chorale Preludes arr by D Bamforth
BACH, J.S.4SATBArt of the Fugue Contrapunctus 11 arr by D Bamforth
BACH, J.S.4SAATCanzona for Recorder Quartet arr by Dom Greg Murray
BACH, J.S.4SATBDances from the orchestra suites of JS Bach
BACH, J.S.4SATBLittle Organ Fuges arr by Hugh Orr
BACH, J.S.4SSAASeven chorales
BACH, J.S.4SSA/TBTwo preludes and fugues
BACH, J.S.4SATBVater unser im Himmelreich BWV 737
BACH, J.S.4SATBPrelude 9 from Well Tempered Klavier book 2
BACH, J.S.4ATB GBPrelude 16 from WTK Fugue 16 from WTK
BACH, J.S.4SATBSeven Fugues arr by Mario Duschenes Book 1 fugues 1-4, book 2 fugues 5-7
BACH, J.S.4SATBFuga Super: Jesus Christus unser Heiland
BACH, J.S.4AABBBrandenburg concerto no. 6, part II adagio
BACH, J.S.4SATBSix Chorales
BACH, J.S.4SAABAndante from Brandenburg concert no. 2
BACH, J.S.4SATBWachet Auf! Choral prelude from cantata 140, arr by A Charlton
BACH, J.S.4SSATor SopSATChorale preludes from the Little Organ book, Vol II, In Dulci jubilo, arr by J Beckett
BACH, J.S.4SATBFugue No. 1 (from the 48), arr by S Taylor
BACH, J.S.4SATBTwo minuets & a march, arr by A Rosenstengel
BACH, J.S.4S S/A A/T TTwelve Chorales for four recorders, arr by Theo Wyatt
BACH, J.S.4SATBChoral Prelude – Forth, toward Thy throne Arr. Elna Sherman
BACH, J.S.4ATTBOrchestral Suite No. 1, first movement Arr by Roger Palmer,
BACH, J.S.4SAA/TBSix Chorales
BACH, J.S.4SSAT/AATBFare thee Well & Canzona BWV 588
BACH, J.S.4SATBSix chorale preludes
BACH, J.S.4SSATSix chorales
BACH, J.S.4SATBSix more chorale preludes from Orgelbuchlein
BACH, J.S.4SATBTwo fugues (from BWV 550 and Art of Fugue)
BACH, J.S.4SATBFive Fugues from the Well Tempered Klavier, arr by C. May
BACH, J.S.4SATBFugue BWV 542
BACH, J.S.4SATBThree Fugues D Minor C Minor E Minor Arr M. Duschenes
BACH, J.S.2SBTwo part inventions nos. 1 - 11, 14, 15 Arr by Ken Andresson
BACH, J.S.2SA7 Bach Inventionen (1,2,4,8,10,13,15)
BACH, J.S.2AADuets for treble recorders
BACH, J.S.2SA + PianoAndante from Cantata 74
BACH, J.S.2AT + PianoTrio 1
BACH, J.S.2AT + PianoTrio 2
BACH, J.S.2ST + PianoAria from Cantata No. 202
BACH, J.S.2AT + PianoAffectuoso from Brandenburg Concerto No. 5
BACH, J.S.2AT + PianoAndante from Brandenburg Concerto No. 2
BACH, J.S.2AA + oboe/violin/celloA Christmas Concerto, arr by E Hunt
BACH, J.S.2B,GB + piano + violaTrio in F major
BACH, J.S.2SSMovements – Twelve pieces for 2 descants
BACH, J.S.2AA15 Zweistimmige Inventionen B
BACH, J.S.1ASonata (Unaccomanied)
BACH, J.S.1ASix Suites, Vol II Suites IV - V - VI
BACH, J.S.1A + PianoPastorale
BACH, Johann Sebastian6SSAATBKyrie Eleison from B minor Mass
BACH, Johann Sebastian6SSATTBJesu, joy of man's desiring
BACH, Johann Sebastian6AAATBBBrandenburg Concerto No 6 in B flat major Parts 1 & 3
BACH, Johann Sebastian6SSAATB14 Cannons Sur la Basse Goldburg
BACH, Johann Sebastian7SSAATTBBrandenburg concerto no. 1
BACH, Johann Sebastian15SATB solos + 2S3A3T3BFugue in A minor : arr by C.G.Marillier
BACH, Johann Sebastian14AAB solos + 2S3A3T3BFugue in F : arr by C.G.Marillier
BACH, Johann Sebastian8SATB x 2Motet "Komm, Jesu, komm"
BACH, Johann Sebastian8SAAATTBGbBrandenburg Concerto No. 3
BACH, JS5SSATB22 Chorale Preludes: vol 7 quintets
BACH, JS5Sop/SATBTriplefuge arr by D Bamforth
BACH, JS5AAATBPresto from Brandenburg Concerto No. 4
BACH, JS5Sop ATTBFugue from the Fourty-eight preludes and fugues
BACH, JS5ATBBBPrelude from the Fourty-eight preludes and fugues
BACH, JS1A8 pieces for alto recorder
BACH, JS1S/T + pianoTwo minuets
BACH, JS1A+pianoSonate in F
BACH, JS1A+pianoSonata no. 2, Ed by IH Paul
BACH, JS1AA Bach book. Twenty passages from flute parts in the Church cantatas
BACH, JS1A/B+pianoFourteen Bach chorales, arr by Hugh Orr
BACH, JS1A+pianoSonata in F major (BWV 1031), ed by G Zahn
BACH, JS1APartita (BWV 10013), ed by P Zweers
BACH, JS1A+PianoPastorale, arr by W Bergmann
BACH, JS1A+PianoFrom the Musical Offering, arr. Peter Billam Fuga Canonica in Epediapente
BADINGS, Henk4SATBQuartet II for instruments at pleasure
BAINES, Francis6SSSAAAFantasia for 6 recorders
BAMFORTH, Denis4SATBMercer Island Suite
BAMFORTH, Dennis3SATFragments for Recorder Trio
BANCHIERI, Adriana4SATB2 Canzoni da sonar
BANCHIERI, Adriano8SATB+SATB + guitarConcerto Primo, LA Battaglia
BANNISTER, John2AB+pianoDivisions upon a ground
BANNISTER, John3ATB or SSAGround in D
BANNISTER, John2AB + PianoDivisions upon a ground
BARSANTI, Francesco1A(B)+pianoSonate in D minor
BARSANTI, Francesco1A(B)+pianoSonate in F major
BARTOK Bela4SATBHungarian Dances
BARTOK Bela4SATBLine and Point, Scherzo, In Four Parts, Canon with sustained Notes Arr by Roy Sansom
BARTOK Bella2ATPeasant Songs and Dances
BARTOK-KODALY3SSAUngarosche Weisen und Tanze
BARTOK, Bela3SATPeasant Songs and Dances
BARTOK, Bela2ATPeasant Songs & Dances
BARTOK, Bella2ATPeasant Songs and Dances
BARTOLINI, Gabrielli, Gussago8SATB+SATBDrei doppelchorige Canzonen, 1608
BASTON John1S + String QuartetConcerto no. 4
BASTON John1S + String QuartetConcerto no. 3
BAUMANN, Herbert3SAASonate
BAUMANN, Max6Sop SATBGbSuite traditionelle
BEALE, William4ATTBTwo Victorian madrigals
BEETHOVEN2AT + PianoAdagio for a Flute Clock (tr. Fritz Spiegl)
BEETHOVEN3SATAllegro for a Flute Clock (tr. Fritz Spiegl)
BEETHOVEN3SSASerenade for 3 recorders (Arr. Bergmann)
BEETHOVEN3SATTrio, Op.87 Adagio & Menuett arr. Hunt
BEETHOVEN3SATTrio, Op. 87 Finale arr. Hunt
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van4SATBMinuet for a musical clock
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van4SATBAllegretto and Scherzando from symphonie No 8 opus73
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van3SATTrio Op. 87 vol I Allegro ( arr Hunt)
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van3SSTSerenade for 3 recorders
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van3SATAllegro for a flute clock, arr by Fritz Spiegl
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van3SATVariations on Mozart's 'La ci darem'
BENOY A.W.3SS/AA/TTen European Folk Songs
BENOY, AWSmall BooksS S/A A/TTwelve trios for recorder ensemble, book 2
BERGMANN, Walter (arr)BooksBBass Recorder Album
BERKELEY, Lennox1A + PianoSonatina
BERKELEY, Lennox1A + PianoSonatina
BERKELEY, Lennox1A +PianoSonatina
BERNOLIN, Roger4SATBDances Polonaises de la Renaissance
BERNSTEIN, Larry (ed)4SATBThe Consort Collection Vol 1 39 pieces
BERNSTEIN, Larry (ed)BooksAAThe Duo Collection Volume 1 35 Pieces
BERRY, Bob9SSAATTB GB CBThe Cumbrian Sartor
BERTALI, Antonio5SSATBSonata a 5 flauti
BERTALI, Antonio5SSATBSonatella
BEVIN, Elway3ATBBrowning a 3 (The Leaves be Green)
BILLAM, Peter4SATBEighteenth of August Nineteen Eighty Eight
BILLAM, Peter4SATBFour dances
BILLAM, Peter4SATBThree polkas
BILLAM, Peter4SATBPrelude
BILLAM, Peter4SATBIch Fahr Dahin, by Brahms
BILLAM, Peter4SATB + PianoThree Choral Preludes
BILLAM, Peter5SSATBEcco Mormora L'Onde (Monteverdi)
BILLAM, Peter6SATTBBTo Erich Jantsch
BINGE, Ronald6SSAATBElisbethan Serenade arr by Peter Madge
BINGE, Ronald2SS + PianoElizabethan Serenade
BINGHAM, George1A + PianoSuite in E minor
BINGHAM, George1A + PianoSecond Suite
BINGHAM, George1A + PianoFourth suite
BINGHAM, George1A/B + PianoSuite in E Minor
BINGHAM, George1A/B + PianoSecond Suite
BINGHAM, George1A + PianoFourth Suite
BIZET3SATHabanera (Carmen) & Las Heras beguine Arr by John Pitts
BIZET, Georges4SATBRecorder Ensemble no. 5
BLOODWORTH, (Arr.)4SATBFive seventeenth century pieces
BOCCHERINI, Luigi4SATBBeruhmtes Minuet
BOISMORTIER, JB2Premier Suite for 2 recorders (Ed. Hunt & Donington)
BOISMORTIER, Joseph2AASix little suites Op 27
BOISMORTIER, Joseph2AAB/AA+PianoTrio Sonata in G
BOISMORTIER, Joseph2AASuites 1-3. 4-6
BOISMORTIER, Joseph Bodin de2AASix little suites for two treble recorders from Op.27
BOISMORTIER, Joseph Bodin de3AAB or AA + pianoTriosonate in G major
BOISMORTIER, Joseph Bodin de2AASechs leichte Duette Suites 1-3 Schott OFB 5 Suites 4-6 Schott OFB 6
BOISMORTIER, Joseph Bodin de2AATrois Suites pour deux flutes a bec
BONELLI, Aurelio8SATB+SATBTwo toccatas for 8 instruments in two choirs
BONOCINI, Giovanni6Sop SAATB2 Suites
BONONCINI, Giovanjni Battista2AB+pianoDivertimenti da Camera
BONONCINI, Giovanni6Sop/S S S/A ATB2 Suites a 6. No 1 in B flat major No 2 in F major
BONONCINI, Giovanni6SSAATB2 Suites
BONONCINI, Giovanni2AB + PianoDivertimenti da Camera
BONSOR, Brian3SAT+pianoBeguine
BONSOR, Brian3SSA drum and PianoTambourin
BONSOR, Brian3SAT+pianoSabre Dance
BONSOR, Brian3SAT+pianoFiesta
BONSOR, Brian3SSA+pianoSimple samba
BONSOR, Brian3SAT+pianoThree into five
BONSOR, Brian3SAT+pianoTango
BONSOR, Brian2SA+pianoHoe Down
BONSOR, Brian2SA+pianoRumba
BONSOR, Brian2SA+pianoValerie
BONSOR, Brian3SATBeguine
BONSOR, Brian2SA +PianoRumba
BONSOR, Brian2SA +PianoValerie
BONSOR, Brian2SA + PianoHoe Down
BONSOR, Brian2SA + PianoRumba
BONSOR, Brian2SA + PianoValerie
BOTTENBERG, Wolfgang3SATTrio for three recorders
BOWMAN, Enday6Sop SAATB12th Street Rag, arr by Ben Thorne
BOYCE, William4SATB + GuitarSymphony No. 1, arr by A Charlton
BOYCE, William4SS A/T BGavot
BOYCE, William4SATBAllegro, Hornpipe & Minuet from Twelve Overtures No. 5
BRADE, William5SSATBEnglish consort
BRADE, William5SSA A/T BCanzon a 5, arr by J Newman
BRADE, William5SSATBPavan, galliard and coranta, 1609
BRADE, William5SSATBPavans, galliards and canzonas
BRADE, William5SSATBPaduanan und Galliarden
BRADE, William5SSAT T/BFirst set of quintets
BRADE, William6SSATTBPavans and galliards for 6 instruments
BRADE, William6SSA A/T TBNewe ausserlesene Paduanen und Galliarden , 1614,
BRADE, William5SSATBEnglish Consort for 5 recorders
BRAHMS,4SATBFuge in A flat minor, arr by Peter Billam
BRAHMS,4SATBRuf zur Maria
BRAMIERI,Claudio8SSAT+SSATCanzon "La Foccara" 2 choirs
BRATTON, John W4SATBTeady Bears Picnic Arr by Stefan Karpiniec
BRESGEN, Cesar4SS/A A/T BFluturas (1968) Five pieces in four parts for recorders +/- percussion
BRESGEN, Cesar4SATBMusica Matutina (1974)
BRESGEN, Cesar4SATBCapriccio fiorito for four recorders
BRESGEN, Cesar5SAATBSpanish suite for five recorders
BRITTEN, Benjamin4SATBRecorder pieces from 12th to 20th century
BRITTEN, Benjamin3SSAAlpine suite
BRITTEN, Benjamin3SSAAlpine Suite
BRITTEN, Benjamin4SATB‘Scherzo’
BRITTEN, Benjamin3SSAAlpine Suite
BRITTEN, Thomas2SSDuets from his Notebook Arr. Hunt
BRITTON, Thomas2SSDuets from his Note Book (12th July, 1697)
BRUMBY, Colin3SSADoriana
BRUMBY, Colin3SSALittle Suite
BULL, John4AATBThree Fantasias
BULL, John4SSATThree Ricercari, arr by Cameron-Grubb
BULL, John4SSATThree Ricercari (Arr. Cameron R Grubb)
BULL, John & FARNABY, Giles4SATBTwo Tudor self-portraits
BULLARD, Alan4SATBFour Lodgers
BUONA, Valerio3SSTFour Trios from his Secondo libro della canzonetta
BURGESS, Chris4SATBThree small pieces
BURROWS, Benjamin1S + PianoSuite for Descant Recorder & Piano
BUSCHMANN, Rainer3SSANew Moods for Flutes
BUXTEHUDE Dietrich5SAATBMissa Brevis
BYRD6SSATBBFantasia no 1
BYRD6SSAA/TTBFantasia no 2
BYRD, William4SATBSelinger's round
BYRD, William4SATBYe Maiden's Songe
BYRD, William4SATBQueens Alman & Galliard, arr by Dom Gregory Murray
BYRD, William4SATBFantazia a 4
BYRD, William4AATBCarman's whistle
BYRD, William4S(A)ATBLord Willobie's welcome home
BYRD, William4ATTBThree fantasias
BYRD, William5SATB GBJohn come kisse me now Arr by Roy Sansom
BYRD, William5SAATB/ATTBBBrowning a 5
BYRD, William5SAATBThe Leaves be Green, arr by T Moore
BYRD, William5SSAATSeven Pieces, arr by W Bergmann
BYRD, William5SATTBFantasia a 5
BYRD, William5SAATBPreludium
BYRD, William5SATTBWill You Go Walk the Woods So Wild O Mistress mine
BYRD, William3SATTwo Fantasias for three recorders, arr by T Moore
BYRD, William6SAATBBFantasy sextet Pavan and Galliard
BYRD, William6SSAA(T)TBFantazia no.2 a 6
BYRD, William6Sop/S, S, S/A, A/T, T/B, T/BPavan & Galliard
BYRD, William6SSATBB,SSAA/TTBFantasias no 1,2
BYRD, William7SSAATBBThe Bells
BYRD, William5SATTBFantasia for 5
BYRD, William4SAATSeven pieces
BYRD, William4SAATSeven pieces
BYRD, William4SATBSellenger's Round
BYRD, William4SATBFantazia
BYRD, William7SSAATBBThe Bells
BYRD, William4SATBWolsey's Wilde
BYRD, William & STROGERS, Nicholas5S A/S TTBTwo “In Nomines”
BYRD, William and GIBBONS3S/AATFantasias a tre
CAMERON, Alison6SSATTBSpiralling (1998)
CAMPIAN, Thomas & JONES, Robert 4S S/A AT4 madrigals
CANALI, Florriano8SATB + SATBLa Belzana
CANNELL, John3SATFour Early Tudor Trios
CAROLS4S S/A AT15 European Arr by A W Benoy
CAROLS4SATBArr Peter Madge
CAROLS4SATBBring a Torch, Jeanette & A Lovely Lady Sat and Sang Arr Peter Madge
CARVER, Robert192S3A11T3BO Bone Jesu
CASA, Girolamo Dalla5SATTBDivisions on Vetiva i colli e le campagne intorno
CATO, Diomedes and PARADISO, Renaldo4AA/TTBTwo Fantasias
CAVACCIO, Giovanni4SATBToccata for 4 recorders "Detta la Licina"
CAVACCIO, Giovanni4SATBPavana and Saltarello
CAVACCIO, Giovanni & TAEGGIO, Giovanni Rognoni8SATB+SATB2 Canzoni 2 Choir
CHALLINGER, Andrew4SATBSpring dance
CHALLINGER, Andrew5SAATBBallad, blues and riffs
CHALLINGER, Andrew5SS(A)ATBThree miniatures
CHALLINGER, Andrew5SAATBBallad, Blues and Riffs (1986)
CHARLTON, Andrew4SATBAyre Conditioned & Cha Cha Dolce
CHARLTON, Andrew4SATBBouquet of fancies
CHARLTON, Andrew4SATBAlman (anonymous English 16th Century)
CHRISTMAS3SATMusic from many lands, arr by E Katz
CIMA, Giovanni4SATB2 Canzoni da Sonar
CLARK, Paul (Arr.)8SSAATTBBFive Scottish folksongs
CLARKE, Jeremiah4SATBTrumpet Voluntary
Pokington’s Pownde From the Fitzwilliam Virginal book
CLARKE, Paul5SAATBBonny Tyneside
CLEMENS NON PAPA, Jacob6SSATTBO Magnum Mysterium
CLERAMBAULT, Louis-Nicolas3ATBSuite for Recorder Trio
COLE, Hugo2SSSuite
COLEMAN, Charles5SAATBFantazia
COLES, Graham (Arr.)3SAT(A)Medieval trios
COLLETTE, Joannes1S12 melodious exercises
COLWELL, Rene (Arr.)1APreludes and voluntaries
COOKE ArnoldSmall BooksSATSonatina
COOKE, Arnold3SATSonatina (1973)
COOKE, Arnold3SATSuite
COPERARIO, John & JOHNSON, Robert5SSATBEight masque dances
COPERARIO,John3SATZwei Fantasien
CORELLI- SCHICKHARDT3AAB + pianoTrio sonate in D
CORELLI, A2AA (+B) + piano3 sonatas
CORELLI, A2AB+pianoLa Folia
CORELLI, A2ABSonata in F major, opus 5, No. 4
CORELLI, A1A + PianoEleven Pieces
CORELLI, A2SAShort Duets
CORELLI, A2AA + Piano3 Sonatas
CORELLI, A2AB + PianoLa Folia
CORELLI, A2ABSonata in F Op 5 No. 4
CORELLI, A2SAShort Duets
CORELLI, Arcangelo4SA A/T BAllegro
CORELLI, Arcangelo4SATB/ GUITAROverture from Concerto in C minor Op.6 No.6
CORELLI, Arcangelo4AATBThe Christmas concerto
CORELLI, Arcangelo3SSASix easy pieces from the Trio Sonatas
CORELLI, Arcangelo3SATRecorder Trio No. 1, after Trio Sonata Op 3, No 1
CORELLI, Arcangelo1A + PianoEleven pieces
CORELLI, Arcangelo4SATBThree Trio Sonatas
CORELLI, Arcangelo1A + PianoEleven Pieces for A & Piano
CORELLI, Archangelo1A + PianoEleven Pieces
CORMACK, James3SATDivertissement
CORTECCIA, Francesco6SSATTB2 Madrigals
COUPERIN, F.1A + PianoLe Rossignol en amour
COUPERIN, Francois2SSMusete de Taverne
COUPERIN, Francois2SSMusette de Taverne
COUPERIN, Francois1Sop or A + PianoFive Miniatures
COURTVILLE, Raphael2AB + PianoSonata in C major
COURTVILLE, Raphael2AB + PianoSonata in C
COUSEN, J. D. (Arr.)6SSATTBRoyal Wind Music of King James I: Suite
CROFT, William2AASix Sonatas (Op3)
CROFT, William2AASix Sonatas Op 3
CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, P1S + PianoLittle suite
CROSSLEY-HOLLAND,Peter3SAT?B + pianoAlbion
D'HERVELOIS, De Caix1S + PianoSuite in G Major
DARLOW, Royston1S/A + PianoFiesta Pieces
DART, Thurston6SSATTBSuite from the Royal WInd Music of King James
DAVENPORT, LaNue (Arr.)4SATBHarmonice Musices Odhecaton : ten pieces
DAVENPORTt, LaNoue3S/A A A/BMusic of the XIIIth and XIVth Centuries
DAVENPORTt, LaNoue4S/A A A/T BFour Italian Dances of the Renaissance
DAVIDSON, Andrew4SAABBaroque Varations on The Vicar of Bray
DAVIDSON, Andrew4SATBEnglish Song Suite
De CABEZON, Antonio4SATBDiferencias sobre el canto Ilano del Cabellero Arr by Roy sansom
DE CABEZON, Antonio4SATBVersos de Magnificat 1578
DEBUSSY, Claude4SATB4 Stucke aus Children's Corner
DEBUSY Claude3SSA+PianoEn Bateau
DEDEKIND, Henning3SATZehn Tricinien
DEKKER, Dirk2AA4 Bicinia
DEKKER, Dirk2AA4 Bicinia
DELA, Maurice3SAT12 Trios
DELA, Maurice3SAT10 Miniatures
DELIUS, Frederick5SAA A/T BTo be Sung of a Summer Night on the Water
DELIUS, Frederick6SAATTB or SoSoSATTBBTo be sung of a summer night on the water
DEMANTIUS, JC6SSAATBConviviorum deliciae 1608
DEMOIVRE, Daniel`1B + pianoSuite in E minor
DEMOIVRE, Daniel`1B + pianoSuite in B flat major
DENSS, Adrian4SATBTen Renaissance Dances Arr by H.B. Lobaugh
DERING, Richard & OKEOVER, John5SSATBTwo fantasias
DES PRES, Josquin4SAT(A)B(T)Ecce tu pulchra es
DES PRES, Josquin4SATBCueurs Desoles and other quartets
DES PRES, Josquin4ATTBThe Art of the Motet
DES PRES, Josquin5SA A/T TBTwo Five Part pieces
DES PRES, Josquin6SAATTBThree six part pieces
DES PRES, Josquin6SSTTBBThree chansons for five and six recorders and voice ad lib
DEWEY, Monica1S + Guitar12 Playford Tunes
DIEUPART, Charles1A + PianoSix sonatas for recorder Vol1 Nos 1-3
DIEUPART, Charles1A + PianoSix Sonatas for Recorder Nos. 1 - 3
DINN, Freda3Early music for recorders: an introduction (Tutor)
DINN, FredaBooksSMore Tunes for My Recorder
DINN, FredaBooksA +PianoSecond Study Pieces
DINN, FredaBooksSAMy Recorder Tune Book
DIOMEDE, Catone4SAATChromatic Fantasia (16th Century)
DIOMEDE, Catone4SAATChromatic Fantasy
DOLMETSCH4SATBSeven Consorts from the Dolmetsch Collection
DOLMETSCH, Arnold4SATB or SSTTSeven consorts from the Dolmetsch Collection
DOLMETSCH, Arnold3SATFantasie Ayre and Jigg No. 2
DOLMETSCH, Carl1B/A + PianoSet of English Pieces
DOLMETSCH, Carl (Arr.)1B/A + PianoSet of English pieces for Bass (Treble) and piano
DOWLAND, John5SATTB/SAATBVol 4 Lachrimae Tristes and others
DOWLAND, John5Score onlyVol 7 Archive 25, Vol 6 Archive 24, Vol 2 Archive 20, Vol 5 Archive 23
DOWLAND, John4SATB + LuteX Oh Sweet Woods
DOWLAND, John4SATB + LuteXI If Fluids of Tears could Cleanse my Follies Past
DOWLAND, John4SATBXIII Come ye Heavie States of Night
DOWLAND, John5SSATBXXII Humour say what Mak'st thou Heere
DOWLAND, JohnSmall BookS + String quartet + PianoThe First Elizabethan Consort Book arr. Edgar H. Hunt
DOWLAND, MORLEY, BYRD4SATBEnglish Madrigals & Gigues
DUBOIS, Pierre Max4SATBQuatre Premenades
DUCK, L.1S/A + PianoThe Melody Loom
DUFAY, Guillerimus3SAAThree Trios
DUFAY, Guillermus3SAA/SA(T)TThree trios
DVORAK, Anton4SATB + PianoHumoresque arr by Brian Davey
DVORAK, Anton2SS + pianoA Dvorak suite. Arr by Watson Forbes
DVORAK, Anton2SA+Piano4 Duets
DVORAK, Anton3SABEv'ning Bells Ring
DVORAK, Anton3SABMelodies Fell into My Soul
DVORAK, Anton2SS + PianoA Devorak Suite arr Watson Forbes
DVORAK, Anton2SA + PianoFour Duets
DVORAK, Antonin6SATTB/CBSlavonic Dance in f major Op 46 No 4
EARLY3B, GBpieces for 2 or 3 instruments
EAST, Michael5SSATBAmavi and triumphavi
EAST, Michael5SSATBPenitet and Vixi
EAST, Michael5SSATBPeccavi and Vidi
EAST, Michael3SSA/AATFive fancies
EAST, Michael3SSA or AATSix More Fancies
East, Michael4SSATTwelve Ayerie Fancies (Arr. F. Grubb)
EASTMAN, Richard4SATBPorter Avenue Suite
ECCLES Lance4SATBAn Evening of Chaconne
ECCLES Lance4SATBFour Russian Folk Songs
ECCLES, Lance5SAATBThe Coventry Carol & Fantasy on a Gregorian Theme
ECCLES, Lance5SAATBFive Ukrainian folksongs
ECCLES, Lance5SATBBShanbei
ECCLES, Lance3SSA(T)Nations vol. 1 & 2
EDMUNDS, Chris. M.1S + PianoSonatina
ELGAR, Edward5SAATBChanson de Matin arr by Dom Gregory Murray
ELGAR, Edward5SATTBNimrod from "The Enigma Variations" arr by Ross Edwards
ELIZABETHAN2music for recorders
EVANS, Edward3SATFive Renaissance Manuscripts
EVRY, P.4SATB2 flower arrangements
EXCELL, Richard3SATFive instrumental trios from around 1500
FABER, Johann Christoph3ATBParties sur les fleut dous a 3
FARRELL, L. Claire11SopSAAATTTBGBCBCircadian Rhythm
FAURE, Gabriel6SAATTBPavane opus 50 arr by B Davey
FAURE, Gabriel7SAATTB GBPavane opus 50
FERRABOSCO, Alfonso4SATBThree fantasias
FERRABOSCO, Alfonso5SSATBSecond set of pieces, Pavan, Almayne and Allemanda
FESCH William de1A + PianoSonata in Bflat Major
FESCH William de2AT14 Duets arr Abbott & Wyatt
FEVIN, de, Antoine and LEMLIN, Lorenz3ATB, SAT, TTBFour Trios
FIALA George4SATBPastoral and Allegretto
FINGER Godfrey1A + PianoSonate in F, ed by Paul Hubbard
FINGER Godfrey1S + PianoSonata
FINGER Gottfried2AB + PianoZwei leichte Sonaten
FINGER Gottfried2AAZwei Sonaten
FINGER Gottfried2AA + 2 oboes + pianoTwo Sonatasi; no. 3 in G & no. 4 in F
FINGER, G1A + PianoSonate in F
FINGER, G1S + PianoSonata
FINGER, G2AB + PianoZwei Leichte Sonaten
FINGER, G2AAZwei Sonaten
FINGER, G2AA + oboes/pianoTwo Sonatas No. 3 in G & No. 4 in F
FINGER, Godfrey3AAASuite no 1 in C
FINGER, Godfrey3AAASonata
FIOCCO, Joseph H.1A/B + PianoSonate fur Altoblokflute
FIOCCO, Joseph Hector1A/B + pianoSonate fur Altblokflute
Fischer, Johann1S + PianoSuite in G
FISCHER, Johann1S/T + pianoSuite in G
FISCHER, Johann K, F,4SATBSuite 7, Overture, Passacaille, Bouree, Menuet
FISCHER, Johann K, F,1S/T + PianoSuite in G
FITZWILLIAM4SATBFive pieces from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Arr by Stanley Taylor
FITZWILLIAM4SSATNine recorder quartets
FITZWILLIAM5SAATBTwo Elizabethan quintets
FLORENTINE Carneval4SATBDances and songs during the Medici period
FOLKSONGS2AAFolksongs and Dances
FONGHETTI, Paulo2Four duets, ed by W Hettrick
FONGHETTI,Paulo2Four Duets (Mixed)
FORTIN VictorSmall BooksSSASowenische-Volks-und-kinderlieder
FORTIN, Viktor4SATB12 Steirische Tanze fur Blockflotenquartett
FORTIN, Viktor2SAHappy music: book 1
FORTIN, Viktor2SA/THappy music: book 2
FORTIN, Viktor2SAFourteen pieces (related to Happy Music)
FORTIN, Viktor2SAHappy Music Bk 1
FORTIN, Viktor3SATHappy Music Bk 2
FORTIN, Viktor2SAFourteen Pieces
Francis and DayBooksSAlbum of Famous Melodies
FRANCK Melchior5SSSATIntrada Pavana and Galliard
FRANCK, Cesar4SATBChoral
FRANCK, Melchior4SATBVierstimmige suite
FRANCK, Melchior4SATBDeutsche Weltliche Gesang und Tanze
FRANCK, Melchior6SSATTBFive intradas for six instruments
FRANCK, Melchior6SSAT(A)TBFive six-part intradas
FRESCOBALDI, G.3AABCanzoni a due canti
FRESCOBALDI, Girolami4SATBThree toccatas for recorder quartet
FRESCOBALDI, Girolami4SATBCanzona on "Romanesca"
FRESCOBALDI, Girolami4SATBCappriccio arr, Egon Kraus
FRESCOBALDI, Girolami4SATBTwo Canzons Francesce Promo and Seconda
FRESCOBALDI, Girolami & GUAMI, Gioseffo8SATB + SATBZwei doppelchorige Kanzoner 1608
FRESCOBALDI, Girolamo4SATBCanzona on "Ruggiero"
FRESCOBALDI, Girolamo4SATB + ContinuoSeven Canzonas
FRESCOBALDI, Girolamo4SAATRicercare on Four Subjects
FRESCOBALDI, Girolamo4SAATCanzona for Recorder Quartet
FRESCOBALDI, Girolamo4SATBCanzona for Recorder Quartet
FRESCOBALDI. Giralamo4AABBThree Canzonas
FRICKER, Peter Racine3AATSuite for three recorders
FRICKER, Peter Racine3AATSuite
FROBERGER, Johann Jacob4SATBRicercare (arr Bamforth)
FROBERGER, Johann Jacob4SATBTwo Fantasias
FUGUES4SATBtwelve, arr by M Duschenes
FUNCCIUS, David4SATB/SSATSuite for four recorders
FURCHHEIM, Johann W.3SABPraeludium, Allemande, Courant, Saraband
GABRIELI, A4SATBRicercaria Quattro Nos. VIeVII
GABRIELI, Giovanni5SATTBCanzon prima (1615) for 5 instruments
GABRIELI, Giovanni12SSAB+SAAB+SATBCanzona XIII in 12 parts 3 Choirs
GABRIELI, Giovanni8SATB + SATBLieto Godea 2 Choir
GABRIELI, Giovanni8SATB + SATBO Magnum Mysterium 2 Choir
GABRIELI, Giovanni8SATB+SATBJubilate Deo, arr by CG Marillier 2 Choir
GABRIELI, Giovanni8SATB+SATBCanzon X11 (1615) 2 Choir
GABRIELI, Giovanni8SAA(T)B X 2Two canzons in 8 parts
GABRIELI, Giovanni10Two canzons in ten parts
GABRIELI, Giovanni8SAA(T)B+SAA(T)BCanzon primi toni
GABRIELI, Giovanni8SSAB+SSABCanzon septimi toni in 8 parts
GABRIELI, Giovanni3 Choirs 12SSAB/SAAB/SATBCanzona XIII for 12 Recorders
GABRIELLI, Andrea8SSAATTBBRicercar per sonar a 8
GABRIELLI, Andrea8SSAATTBBAria della Battaglia
GABRIELLI, G4A/S,A/T, TBFour Canzonas
GAL, Hans3SATDivertimento
GASTOLDI, Giacomo5SSATBEight Balletti (1596)
GEMINIANI5SATTBConcerto grosso Op.3 no.4
GERBOTH, W & PRUCHA, H. J.1BPrimer for Bass Recorder
GERLE, Hans4SATBNine Songs
GERO, Jhan3ATB/SATFour Italian Madrigals
GERSHWIN, George5SATTBLets call the whole thing off
GERVAISE, Claude4SATBHuit Bransles de Poictou
GHRO, Johann5SSATBSix Intradas
GIBBONS, O.3SATFantasia No. 1 (Arr. McMullen)
GIBBONS, Orlando4SATBFantazia of foure parts
GIBBONS, Orlando4SATBTwo fantasias
GIBBONS, Orlando4SATBThe Lord of Salisbury’s pavan and galliard
GIBBONS, Orlando5S S/A A/T TBAh dear heart & the Silver Swan
GIBBONS, Orlando5SATTBThree Madrigals - The Silver Swan, Ah, Dear Heart, What is our Life?
GIBBONS, Orlando3SATFantasia no. 1
GIBBONS, Orlando3SST/AABFour fantasias
GIBBONS, Orlando3SSTFantasy No. 3
GIBBONS, Orlando6SSAATBFantasia no. 3 and 6
GIBBONS, Orlando6SSATTBFantasia no. 4 and 5
GIBBONS, Orlando6SSATBBGoe from my window
GIBBONS, Orlando6SSATTBTwo fantasias in six parts
GIBBONS, Orlando8SATB+SATBO Clap Your Hands Arr Marillier 2 Choir
GIBBONS, Orlando4SATBSeven Hymns for Four Recorders
GIBBONS, Orlando3SATFantasias No 1 and 3
GIBBONS, Orlando & WEELKES, Thomas6S/A, S/A,A/T,A/T,TBTwo settings of "Hosanna to the Son of David"
GIBBONS, Orlando and SCHMELZER, Johann6SSATTBFantasia a 6 no. 6 and Sonata a 6 no. 5
GIESBERT F.J2AADuos of English Masters
GIESBERT F.J1AFifteen Solos for Treble Recorder
GIESBERT, F. J.2AADuos of English Masters
GIESBERT, F. J.4SATBPariser Tanzbuch
GILBERT & SULLIVAN1S + GuitarTen Tunes, arr by John Duarte
GLINKA, M.6SoSATBGbOverture to Russlan and Ludmila. Arranged by Paul Clarke
GLUCK CW1A + pianoDance of the Blessed Spirits, arr by E Hunt
GODARD, B4SATBBercuse from Jocelyn
GOODYEAR, StephenBooksSThe New Recorder Tutor
GOODYEAR, StephenBooksAThe New Recorder Tutor
GOODYEAR, Stephen3SSSChristmas!Carols
GOODYEAR, StephenBooksSThe New Recorder Tutor Book 1
GOODYEAR, StephenBooksSThe New Recorder Tutor Book 2
GORDON, David4AATBLucky with the weather
GORDON, David2SA + ViolinSix Miniatures
GOSTENA, G. B. dalla4AATBTwo fantasias
GOTOVAC, Jakov8SSAATTBBThe Dalmation Shepherd Boy
GOUNOD, Charles6SAATTBAdagio - 1st movement from Petite symphonie
GOUNOD, Charles6SAATTBAndante cantabile and Scherzo from Petite Symphonie
GOUNOD, Charles6SAATTBPetite Symphonie: Finale
GRAINGER. Percy3SAT + pianoSheperds Hey, arr by Brian Bonsor
GRANVILLE-HICKS, P.1A + PianoSonatina
GRAVES, John1A + pianoDivertimento
GREGORIAN1S or A or TChants for the recorde
GREIG, Edvard4SATBHolberg suite, Gavotte and Sarabande
GUAMI, Gioseffo8ATTB+ ATTBLa Lucchesina 2 Choir
GUAMI, Guiseppe4SA A/T BThree Canconette alla Francese
GUMPELZHAIMER, Adam4SATB/SoSATZwolf kleine Fantasien
GUSSAGO, Cesario6SAATTBTwo Sonatas
GUSSAGO, Cesario8SAAT+ SAATL'Onofria (1608) 2 Choir
GUSSAGO, Cesario8SAAT+ ATTBTwo sonatas 2 Choir
GUSSAGO, Cesario2 Choirs 8SAAT/ATTBTwo Sonatas
HALL, Marg4SATBRags for Mac, Blues for Barley
HAND, Colin5SAATBFestival Overture
HAND, Colin6SSATTBFanfare for a festival Op. 64
HAND, Colin1A + pianoSonata Piccolo Op 63
HAND, Colin (Arr.)Small BooksSS(A)A(T)Ten German songs for recorder ensemble
HANDEL2SAPieces and Dances
HANDEL3SAA + PianoHandel Album for Recorders and Piano arr. Bergman
HANDEL, G F2ABSonatina. Supplement to the American Recorder
HANDEL, G F2AAB or AA + pianoFour Arias from "Rinaldo"
HANDEL, G F2AA + pianoTrio Sonata
HANDEL, G F2SA+piano or SAT+pianoHandel Album, arr by W Bergmann
HANDEL, G F2AB+pianoThe Fitzwilliam sonatas, ed by Thurston Dart
HANDEL, G F2AA + pianoTwo “Duetti da Camera”
HANDEL, G F2AA + pianoTrio from Terpsichore & Adagio from trio sonata
HANDEL, G F2AB + PianoSonate in B flat major
HANDEL, G F2AB + PianoSonate in F
HANDEL, G F2AB + PianoFour sonatas Op1, nos.2,4,7,11
HANDEL, G F2AA12 Original Triostucke
HANDEL, G F2AB+pianoOriginal Musik forFur Sonaten
HANDEL, G F2A + Gb + pianoThe complete sonatas for treble and continuo
HANDEL, G F2AB + PianoSonata in F Major
HANDEL, G. F.3SAT + GambaRodrigo - Suite for 3 Recorders and Basso Continuo
HANDEL, G. F.4SATBQuartet movements from the Keyboard Suites & Fugues
HANDEL, G. F.4SATBOverture for St Cecilia's Day
HANDEL, G. F.3SATAllegro from Concerto Grosso No.1 in G. (Arr. T. Dwyer)
HANDEL, G. F.2ABThe Fitzwilliam Sonatas
HANDEL, G. F.2A + GambaFour Sonatas (Opus 1: 2,4,7 & 11)
HANDEL, G. F.1S + PianoSonata in B Flat (Arr. Bergmann and Dart)
HANDEL, G. F.3A + Violin + PianoTrio Sonata in C Minor
HANDEL, G. F.3A + Violin + PianoTrio Sonata in F (Op. 2 No.5) Ed. E. Krause
HANDEL, G. F.2AA/SSDuo in F Major
HANDEL, G. F.1S + PianoSonata in B Flat
HANDEL, G. F.4SATBAlla hornpipe from Water music
HANDEL, G. F.4AATBAria "La Speranza" arr Paul Clark
HANDEL, G. F.4SATBOverture for St Cecelia’s Day, arr by W Bergmann
HANDEL, G. F.4SATBRodrigo overture
HANDEL, G. F.4SATBConcerto Grosso Op.6 no.3 (4 movements)
HANDEL, G. F.4SATBTwo Orchestral Fugues 2. Allegro from Op 3, no 4a - 3. Allegro from Op 6, no 5
HANDEL, G. F.1A/B + pianoSix little fugues
HANDEL, G. F.1S + PianoSonate in B flat
HANDEL, G. F.1T + PianoSonate no. 4, arr by W Guericke
HANDEL, G. F.1S + PianoSonate in B flat
HANDEL, G. F.1S + PianoThe Harmonious Blacksmith (variations)
HANDEL, G. F.1S/ASonata & Allegro , arr by F Spiegl
HANDEL, G. F.1A + voice + pianoCantata “Nel Dolce Dell Oblio”
HANDEL, G. F.1A/B + pianoPieces for Treble recorder and Basso continuo
HANDEL, G. F.1ADrei Neue Sonaten
HANDEL, G. F.3SSAPastoral Symphony and Christmas Pastorale, byCorelli
HANDEL, G. F.3SATFughetta in F
HANDEL, G. F.3SSASuite in C major, arr by D Bloodworth
HANDEL, G. F.3AB + pianoSonate in F (HWV 378)
HANDEL, G. F.3AB + violin + pianoSonate in F major
HANDEL, G. F.3SAA or SAT +pianoSecond Handel Album Arr W. Bergman
HANDEL, G. F.Small BooksSSAKleine Musiken fur Blockfloten
HANDEL, G. F.6SopSATBGbSuite in dD minor
HANDEL, G. F.5SSATBMusic for the Royal Fireworks
HANDEL, G. F.5SSATBWater Music, 1st and 2nd suites, arr by A Baines
HANDEL, G. F.2AB + PianoThe Fizwilliam Sonatas ed. Dart
HANDEL, G. F.2AA + PianoTwo "Duetti da Camera"
HANDEL, G. F.2AB + PianoSonate in Bb
HANDEL, G. F.2AB + PianoSonate in F
HANDEL, G. F.2AB + PianoFour Sonatas Op. 1, Nos 2, 4, 7, 11
HANDEL, G. F.2AB + PianoOriginal Musik for Fur Sonaten
HANDEL, G. F.2A Gb + PianoComplete Sonatas for Alto and Continuo
HANDEL, G. F.2AB + PianoSonata in F
HANDEL, G. F.2AADuo in F major arr. Thurston Dart
HANDEL, G. F.1A + PianoPieces for Treble Recorder and Basso continuo
HANDEL, G. F.1A + PianoSix Little Fugues
HANDEL, G. F.1A + PianoFour Sonatas Nos. 2, 4, 7 & 11
HANDEL, G. F.1A + PianoFitzwilliam Sonatas
HARBINSON, Una5SATTBGirl Talk (Handwritten)
HARRAS, Manfred4SATBThe King's Musick Vol 1
HARRAS, Manfred4SATBMusic for Advent & Christmas by Old Masters Books 1 & 2
HARTMAN, Heinrich6SAATTBMotet: Wenn der Her die Gefangen Zion erlosen wird
HARVEY Raymond5SATTBSuite No1
HARVEY Raymond4SAATSuite No. 2 (1961; rev. 1981)
HASSLER, Hans Leo6SAATTBIntradas and Gagliarda from Lustgarten (1601)
HASSLER, Hans Leo6SSAA/TTBDances from "Der Lustgarten"
HASSLER, Hans Leo8SATB+SATBCanzon Noni Toni arr by Greg Lewin 2 Choir
HASSLER, Hans Leo8SATB+SATBCanzon Duodecimi Toni arr by Greg Lewin 2 Choir
HASSLER, Hans Leo8SSTB+SSTBKein Grosser Freud 2 Choir
HASSLER, Hans Leo4SATBCantate Domino arranged by Peter Madge
HAUSSMANN, Valentin4SATBTwo fugues
HAUSSMANN, Valentin5SATTBPaduan & galliard "Go from my window" & other pieces
HAUSSMANN, Valentin5SATTBPaduana "Roland" & 2 galliards
HAYDN4SSATAllegro arr by Paul Ashford
HAYDN4SATB"Et incarnatus" from mass in D ("Lord Nelson") Arr by Roy Sansom
HAYDN4SATBEmperor Quartet
HAYDN4SATBClock sonatas
HAYDN4SATBSurprise symphony, arr by A Rosenstengel
HAYDN4SATBChildren’s (Toy) Symphony
HAYDN4SATBBeruhmte Seranade, arr by A Rosenstengel
HAYDN4SATBLord Nelson mass, No. 3 in D
HAYDN4SATBFinale from string quartet opus 55 no. 1
HAYDN4SATB2 fugues
HAYDN4SATBDivertimento Op. 1 no. 2
HAYDN4SATBQuartet opus 42
HAYDN5SSATB + ToysToy Symphony arr. Colin Hand
HAYDN2SSEasy Pieces for the Young
HAYDN3A + Violin + PianoTrio no 4 in F. arr, Bergmann
HAYDN, F. J.1A + Violin + PianoTrio No. 4 in F
HAYDN, F. J.Small BookSSADivertimento & Serenade arr. Walter Bergman
HAYDN, JSmall BooksS S/A A/TSix movements from Haydn’s string quartets
HAYDN, JSmall BooksSSS/TTTThird Ensemble Book
HAYDN, Joseph5SATBBFeld-Parthie
HAYDN, Joseph3SATPartita for recorder trio
HAYDN, JosephSmall BooksSSATanzstucke
HAYDN, JosephSmall BooksSSADivertimento in C minor
HAYDN, Joseph6SSATTBMinuetto from Symphonia 92 ("Oxford") Arr by Roy Sansom
HAYDN, Joseph6SSATTBJacobean consort musik: Book 5 Coperario, Brade, Leetherhand, Phillips
HEALEY, Derek1S + PianoFive Cameos
HEILBUT, Peter4SATBWeihnachstlieder fur Blockfloten im Satz
HELMBACHER, Carl3ATB + PianoAppenzeler Volstanze und Landler
HICKS, Marion3SAARondo
HICKS, Marion3SATRondo
HIGGINS, Frank (Arr)3SATMixed Recorder Trios
HILL, Mirrie1SSimple Melodies for recorder
HILLING, Lyndon4SATBSwing in the park
HILLING, Lyndon4SATBSamburu Samba
HINDEMITH, Paul3SAA or SATTrio for Recorders
HOFHAIMER, P3STBFantasy on a song tune
HOLBORNE ,Anthony3SAT2 Fantasias in 3 parts
HOLBORNE ,Anthony3S S/A TNoel’s Galliard
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SA A/T TBPavane & Galliard, arr by E Hunt
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SSATBA first set of quintets
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SSATBA Second set of quintets
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SSATBThird set of quintets
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SAA(T)TBThree dance movements
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SAATBSuite for five recorders
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SA A/T TBThe Fruiys of Love and 4 other quintets, arr by E hunt
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SA A/T TBDances, grave and light
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SATTBThe Teares of the Muses
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SATTBPavanes, Galliards, Allmaines (65 pieces)
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SATTBSix galliards
HOLBORNE, Anthony5S(A)ATTBFour pavans
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SAATBSuite for Five Recorders (Arr. J. Parkinson)
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SAATBSuite for 5 recorders
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SAATBThree Quintets - Pavane, Galliard,The Marie-Golde
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SSATBA Third set of Quintets
HOLBORNE, Anthony5SAATBSuite for Five Recorders arr. Parkinson
HOLBOURNE, Anthony3SATTwo Fantasias
HOLST Imogen3SSSFolk Songs
HOLST, Imogen3SATDeddington Suite
HOLST, Imogen (Arr)BooksSSSFolk Songs
HOOK, James3AAT6 Trios
HOOK, James2SAEasy Lessons arr Bergman
HOOK, James2SADuettinos
HOOK, James3AATTrio no.2 in F
HOOK, JamesSmall BooksSSATerzetto
HOOK, James1S + PianoSonata in G (Arr. Bergmann)
HOOK, James3SSATerzetto Arr. René Colwell
HOOK, James1A + PianoSonatina No. 2
HOOK, James1S + PianoSonata in G major
HOOK, James1S + PianoSonata No. 6 in G major
HOOK, James3SATTrio no. 1 in D Major
HOPKINS, Antony1A + PianoFour Dances
HOROVITZ, Joseph2SSTen duets
HOROVITZ, Joseph2SSTen Duets
HORTON, JohnSmall BookS + VoiceSix Songs - various composers
HOTTETERRE, Jacques Martin3AAB + pianoTrio Sonate in D major
HOTTETERRE, JeanSmall BooksSABDie Landliche Hochzeit
HUNT, Edgar 2SAAll in a Garden Green
HUNT, Edgar (arr.)BooksS or TSecond Ensemble Book
HUNT, Edgar H1A/S/T + PianoLittle prelude
ISAAC, Heinrich4SATB/STTB/ATTBSelected Consorts ed by Greg Lewin
ISAAC, Heinrich4Voice/SATBThree polyphonic songs, arr by William Metcalfe
ISAAK, Heinrich3SATHouse music of the Renaissance
JACQUES, Michael4SSATDivertimento no.3
JENKINS, Colin J3Descant to Bass: a collection of tunes for 2,3,or 4 players
JENKINS, John4SATB4 Pieces
JENKINS, John2SASHort Ayes. Vier zweistimmige suiten
JENKINS, John4SATBAllemande und zwei fantasien
JENKINS, John3AATSuite for 3 recorders
JENKINS, John3SSAFantasy No. 1
JENKINS, John4SATBThree Pieces
JENKINS, John4SATBAllemande und zwei Fantasien
JEUNE, Claude4SSABFantasie voor vier instrumenten
JOCOBI, W.1A + Piano5 Studies
JOPLIN, Scott4SATBRagtimes
JOPLIN, Scott5SAATBMagnetic Rag
JOPLIN, Scott6SopSATTBA Scott Joplin album, arr by Alan Davies
JOUBERT, John4SATBDr Syntax Opus 85
KAESTNER, H3SATTanze und Stucke alter Meister (~various 1550-1750)
KAESTNER, Heinz3SATTanze und Stucke alter Meister
KAESTNER, Heinz1A + PianoFrom Old England
KATZ, Erich3SATFour XVth Century Chansons
KATZ, Erich (Arr.)3S/A A/TFantasias a tre: Byrd, Du Carroy, Gibbons
KATZ, Erich (Arr.)3SSA/THouse Music of the Renaissance – Isaac, Brunel, Lechner
KEAR, Warrick4SopSATSan Casciano for Recorder Ensemble
KELLER-LOWY (ed)Small BooksSATDanses and Tunes of old masters
KERNBACH, Volker2AADuets
KERNBACH, Volker2AADuets
KEUNING , Hans3SSAJazz Recording 8 songs
KNIGHT Vincent4SSAT+PianoChristmas Carol Tunes
KOERPPEN Alfred3SATVariations on 2 folksongs
KONTONSKI, WlodzimiezSmall BooksSATPolish folk dances
KREISLER, Fritz8SoSAATTBGbSyncopation
KROL, Bernhard4AATBProva per quattro in tre argomenti
KUKUCK, Felicitas2AT + String QuartetChrist ist erstanden
KUKUCK, Felicitas2AT + String QuartetChrist ist Erstanden
LAMBRANZI, G4SATBA Second Suite of Tunes
LANE, Clive4S/A A/T T BFive Quartets
LASSO, Orlando4SATBMotet arr by Ross Winters
LASSO, Orlando2Six Fantasias
LASSO, Orlando2Six Fantasias
LASSUS, Orlando6SAATTBThree motets: Heroun Soboles Si qua tibi obtulerient Fremuit spiritus Iesu/videns dominus
LASSUS, Roland de10SSATB+ SATTBHor che la nouva e vaga primavera for 10 voices in 2 choirs
LASSUS, Roland de8SATB+SATBS'una fede amorosa 2 Choir
LASSUS, Roland de8SATB+SATBDixit Dominus 2 Choir
LASSUS, Rowland4SATBFive Lieder
LASSUS, Rowland, DE5SATTBResonet in Laudibus
LAUHSEN Christopher2ATKleine Pfeifer Musik
LAUHSEN, Christopher2ATKleine Pfeifer Musik
LAWES William6SSATBBConsort – suite in C major
LAWES, William4S/A S/A A/T BPavan and Two Aires in G minor
LAWES, William4Score onlyFive pieces from the Royal Consort
LAWES, William5SSATBFantasia and air
LAWES, William5SSATBFantasia in G minor, arr by CG Marillier
LAWES, William5SSATBConsort Suite in C dur
LAWES, William6SSATBBConsort – suite in C major
LEEMAN, Heinrich2SSTanz und Speil
LEENHOUTS, Paul4SATBReport unpon "When Shall the Sun Shine?"
LEFEBURE-WELY, Luis James Alfred4SATBMorceaux de L'Organiste Moderne
LEGRANZI, Giovanni5SSATBTwo Sonatas in Five Parts
LEGRENZI, Giovanni5SSATBTwo Sonatas in five parts
LEHAR, F4SATBSong of Vilja
LEHAR, Franz2SA + PianoTwenty-five Golden Melodies arr. Dexter
LEHAR. Franz2SA+ pianoTwenty-five Golden Melodies Arr. Harry Dexter
LEWIN, Alyson4SSATDown by the riverside, Swing low, sweet chariot
LEWIN, Alyson5SATTBThree Welsh Folksongs
LEWIN, Alyson5SATTBThe Nutting Girl
LEWIN, Alyson6SAATBGbThe Lincolnshire Poacher
LEWIS L.2AA+PianoSpringwood. Theme from Norman Lindsay Festival
LEWIS, L.2AA + PianoSpringwood. Theme from Norman Lindsay Festival
LIGISTIN, (Arr.)3SSAAdaptation d'airs et de danses anciens v.4 and 5
LINDE, Hans1SDie Kliene Ubung
LINDE, Hans-Martin3AAT + StringsCapriccio for 3 recorders, 3 strings and hand drum
LINDE, Hans-Martin1S/A/BMarchen
LINDE, Hans-Martin1SDie Kleine Ubung. Daily Studies for the Descant Recorder
LINDE, Hans-Martin1AModern Exercises for Treble Recorder
LISTER, John5Sop SABBBeat & the Sky Blues (1996)
LOBAUGH, H. Bruce4AATBTen Renaissance Dances from Denss' Florilegeum of 1594
LOCKE, Matthew4SATBConsort Suites nos. 1 and 5
LOCKE, Matthew4SATBConcert Suites nos. 3 and 4
LOCKE, Matthew4SATBConsort zu 4 Stimmen Suiten 1-3
LOCKE, Matthew4SATBConsort zu 4 Stimmen Suiten 4-6
LOCKE, Matthew3SATConsort
LOCKE, Matthew5SAATB4 Pieces from Music for His Majesty’s Sackbuts and Cornets Ed. Anthony Baines
LOEILLET, J. B.1A + PianoLargo in C minor ed. Edgar H. Hunt
LOEILLET, J. B.1A + PianoPoco Allegro
LOEILLET, J. B.1A + PianoSonatas op. 3 No. 2 in Bb major
LOEILLET, Jean2AASix Duets
LOEILLET, Jean2AB + PianoSonate Op 3 No. 4
LOEILLET, Jean2AT + PIanoTrio Sonate No 1
LOEILLET, Jean2AB + PianoSonaten Op 1, 1-3
LOEILLET, Jean2AAOriginal music for Blockflote
LOEILLET, Jean2AB + PianoSonate in A minor
LOEILLET, Jean Baptiste de Gant2AASix duets for treble recorders Heft II
LOEILLET, Jean Baptiste de Gant2AB + PianoSonate Op 3 no. 4
LOEILLET, Jean Baptiste de Gant2AT + PianoTrio Sonate no 1
LOEILLET, Jean Baptiste de Gant2AB + PianoSonaten , op.1, 1-3
LOEILLET, Jean Baptiste de Gant2AAOriginal Music for Blockflote
LOEILLET, Jean Baptiste de Gant2AB + PianoSonate a A minor
LUBECK, Vincent4SATBVier Fugen
LULLABIES, THREE5SATTBAnon: My little sweet darling Anon: Ah sillie poore Joas Byrd: Lullaby
LULLY ,Jean BaptisteSmall BooksSSALes Trio des opera
LULLY ,Jean Baptiste5SSATBAir from “Persée”
LULLY, Jean B.4SATBArmide Tragedie en Musique
LUTKEMAN, Paul5SATTBFantasia "Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen"
LYADOV, Anatole9SoSAATTBGbCbSix Russian popular songs
MACDOWELL, Edward5SAATBTo a wild rose
MADGE, Peter4SATBThe Swaggie Remembers
MADGE, Peter5SAATBDaybreak Fantasy
MAGEAU, Mary4SATBDoubles
MAINERIO, Giorgio4SSA/TBIl primo libro de Balli
MANFREDINI, F4AATB + 3 GuitarsLargo and Pastorale from Concerto Grosso opus 3, no. 12
MARILLIER CG2AT and SAThree short movements
MARILLIER, C G3ATBTrio in D minor
MARILLIER, C. Glyn4SATBCaedmon Suite
MARILLIER, C. Glyn4SATBEveryone sang : a setting of a poem by Siegfried Sassoon
MARILLIER, C. Glyn4SATBHymn of thanksgiving
MARILLIER, C. Glyn4SATBPsalm 121 : I will lift up my eyes unto the hills
MARILLIER, C. Glyn4SATBAve Maria by Rachmaninov
MARILLIER, C. Glyn4SATBWhen Griping Griefs, by Richard Edwards
MARILLIER, C. Glyn4SATB + pianoRondo in E Flat
MARILLIER, C. Glyn4S/A A/T TBVerily Verily I say unto you, Thomas Tallis
MARILLIER, C. Glyn4SATBTrio in D Minor
MARILLIER, C. Glyn4SATBAustralian Christmas Carols
MARILLIER, C. Glyn6SoA+SATB+continuoLorne concerto
MARILLIER, C. Glyn6SAATB B/celloBeati Quorum Via by CV Stanford
MARILLIER, C. Glyn15SATB/2S3A3T3BChaconne : for solo SATB recorders and recorder orchestra
MARILLIER, C. Glyn8TAA+SoSATBSt Patrick's echo
MARILLIER, C. Glyn8AAAA TTBBChristman Canzona
MARILLIER, C. Glyn8SSAT+SSATCanzona prima 2 Choir
MARILLIER, C. Glyn8SATB + SATB soloistsFanfare and Dream for an Anniversary
MARILLIER, C. Glyn9SSAATTBGbCbGais Triptychon
MARILLIER, C. Glyn103A 2T 2B CB +A/S0p SoloTurtle Song Parts I, II, III, IV
MARILLIER, CG5SATB+soloBA short suit for Sydney
MARILLIER, CG6SATTBBTwo Motets of Thomas Tallis
MARILLIER, G2AT/SAThree Short Movements
MARILLIER, Glyn6SATBGbCb +Solo TFantasia on Westron Wynde
MARINI, Biago3ABB + ContCanzon a 3 “La Marina”
MARINI, Biago3ABB + ContinuoCanzon a 3 "La Marina"
MARKS, Phil6AAATTBRecorder Sextet
MARKS, Phil6AAATTBRecorder sextet
MARPURG, F. W3SATThree pieces
MASCHERA, Florentino4SSATCanzon Quarta
MASSAINO, Tiburtio8SSAB AATBCanzona XXXIV in 8 parts
MASSAINO, Tiburtio16SATB x 4Canzon a 16
MASSAINO, Tiburtio2 Choirs 8SSAB/AATBCanzona XXXIV
MATTEIS, Nicola1A + PianoAria con divisioni
MATTHESON, JSmall BooksSSSSuite in G, arr by E Hunt
MATTHESON, J.3AAASonata in F major Op. 1 No. 8
MATTHESON, J.3AAASonata in G minor Op. 1 No. 9
MATTHESON, Johann4SATBGigue in D minor
MATTHESON, Johann3AAAEight Sonatas arr by Kolinski
MATTHESON, Johann3AAA8 Sonatas Vol 1, Nos 3,4,5,6; Vol 2 Nos 7,8,9,10
MATTHESON, Johann3AAASonata in C major
MATTHESON, Johann & BAUER, FranzSmall BooksSSA/ATTDrei Instrumentalstucke
MAY, (Arr.)4SATBHarmonium voluntaries
MAYONNE, Asconio5SAT/ATBFour Ricercares
MAYR, Rupert Ignaz4SSA(T)B(T)Suite in F
McGRADY, (Arr.)3SSA/SATFour thirteenth century pieces
MEEK, Kenneth3SATPipers Three - March
MENDELSSOHN, Felix4SATBFuga (from String quartet in Eb)
MERCULO, Claudio5SSATBThree canzonas
MICHEL, la Barre1S + PianoLe Landais
MICO, Richard4SATBFancy no.3
MICO, Richard5SSATBFour Pavanes, arr by H Monkemeyer
MILANO4AATBFantasia No 28
MILANO, da, Fransesco3ATBTen Fantasias
MILES, Robert2A T/BShort piece for two recorders.
MILES, Robert2A T/BShort Piece for two Recorders
MILFORD, Robin1A + PianoThree Airs
MIXED4Various 1 - 6Recorder Book 2, arr by S Rosenberg (Yellow)
MIXED4Various 1 - 7The Recorder Consort, Vol 2, arr by S Rosenberg
MIXED4SATB8 Consort pieces, arr by Dom Gregory Murray
MIXED4SSAAAssorted Consorts in four parts, arr. by C. Dolmetsch
MIXED4SATBConsorts from 4 Nations
MIXED4SATBMusic for Recorders, Courtly Ayres Vol 2
MIXED5S S/A A/T TBThree Jacobean Dances
MIXEDBooksSSA/TOxford books of Recorder Music Arr by R Noble 6 & 7
MIXEDBooksSSA, SSSASchool Ensemble book, Arr by W Bergmann
MIXEDBooksSATRecorder Trios
MIXEDBooksSATSlavonic Tunes, arr by W Bergmann
MIXEDBooksSATRecorder Trios, arr by F Higgins
MIXEDBooksSSA/TOld English pieces, arr by E Hunt
MIXEDBooksSAT and SATBHILLEMANN, Willi Deutsche Meister des Barock
MIXEDBooksSSAThree trios from Mulliners book
MIXEDBooksSATFive renaissance Manuscripts
MIXEDBooksSATFantasias a tre
MIXEDBooks3, 4 partsDeutche meister des Barocks
MIXEDBooksS S/A A/tMusic of the Royal Court
MIXEDBooksS S/A A/TMusic of the Early classics
MIXEDBooksSATMusic of the 15 century
MIXEDBooksSSAMusik aus dem Hochbarok
MIXEDBooksSSAGemister stucke alter Meister arr Koschinsky
MIXEDSmall BooksSSA/TMedieval Songs and Dances
MIXED2Master melodies (Vivaldi, Purcell, Rameau, etc)
MIXED2SA100 best folk songs
MIXED2ATChristmas favourites
MIXED2AB + PianoA set of English pieces
MIXED2SAFolk songs from the British Isles, arr by A Charlton
MIXED2AB + PianoTwelve songs, ed. By G Beechey
MIXED2ATClassical duets, arr by G Sanders
MIXED2SS/AThe Best Recorder duet book ever! Ed by Emma Coulthard
MIXED2AA+B+pianoChamber Music for Beginners
MIXED2AT +AASelected Duets
MIXED2ASDuets of the Old Masters
MIXED2Toot Together {folk songs}
MIXED2Court ayres vols 1, 2 Ed by H Tennison
MIXED2AADuets for treble recorders
MIXED2AAThe duo collection, ed by L Bernstein
MIXED2AARecorder Pieces, ed. by Benjamin Brittain & Imogen Holst
MIXEDBooksS/T + piano24 pieces by masters of the 17th and 18th centuries
MIXED2AAThe Duo collection, ed. by L Bernstein
MIXED1A + pianoFrom Purcell to Handel, arr by W Bergmann
MIXED1AGreat Masters of the Baroque
MIXED1A + pianoFirst book of treble solos, arr by W Bergmann
MIXED1Sop/A + pianoSeven English pieces, arr by C Dolmetsch
MIXED1ATreble recorder pieces, arr by H Rohr & F Lehn
MIXED1S/T+piano4 Immortal melodies
MIXED1B + pianoBass recorder album , arr by W Bergmann
MIXED1A + pianoTen dances 16-18 centuries
MIXED1S + pianoFavourite melodies for descant and piano
MIXED1S/T + piano7 Great tunes
MIXED1A + piano31 pieces from the 16th – 18th centuries
MIXED1APreludes and Voluntaries
MIXED1AKlassische Flotenstucke
MIXED1S/voice +guitarSING ON ABC 1985
MIXED1ASpielstucke Alter Meister
MIXED1S/voice +guitarABC 1972 School Broadcast
MIXED1A + GuitarTwelve English Folk Songs
MIXED1A/B + pianoFunf Leichte Suiten
MIXEDBooksS/A/AA/SATB/SSTTRecorder Pieces from 12th Cent to 20th Cent
MIXED1A/B + pianoThe Jacobean collection Vol 1, ed by L Bernstein
MIXED2AA + PianoTwo Trebles arr. Appleby & Fowler
MIXED2SA100 Best Folk Songs
MIXED2ATChristmas Favourites
MIXED2AB + PianoA Set of English Pieces
MIXED2SAFolk Songs from the British Isles arr Charlton
MIXED2AB + PianoTwelve Songs ed. Beechey
MIXED2ATClassical duets arr. Saunders
MIXED2SS/AThe Best Recorder Duet Book Ever ed. Coulthard
MIXED2AA/B + PianoChamber Music for Beginners
MIXED2AT/AASelected Duets
MIXED2ASDuets of the Old Masters
MIXED2AADuets for Trebles
MIXED2AAThe Duo Collection ed. Bernstein
MIXED2AARecorder Pieces ed. B. Britten & I. Holst
MIXEDCollectionSATB6th Century Quartets - from Tabourot's Orchesographie (1589_
MIXEDCollectionAA + PianoDance Movements by Old Masters ed. W. Hillemann
MOLINARO, Simone3ATBFour Fantasias
MONTEVERDI, Claudio4SATB + HarpsichordSinfonia and ritornelli
MONTEVERDI, Claudio3SATEight pieces and Balletto
MONTEVERDI, Claudio3SATAngelus ad pastores ait ed. G. Fellerer
MOORE, Timothy3SATSuite in G
MORLEY, Thomas3SSTThough Philomena lost her love. Arr. by Peter Billam
MORLEY, Thomas3SSACanzonettas in three parts
MOSELEY, Ivan4SATBPasodoble
MOSELEY, Ivan4SATBVariations on a seasonal theme
MOZART2SSTwelve Easy Duets arr. T.S. Walker
MOZART2SA13 Menuetten for Nannerl
MOZART4SATBEine Kleine Nachtmusik arr by Kolinski
MOZART4SATTFugue for Recorder Quartet arr by Kolinski
MOZART4SATBFugue in G minor K401
MOZART4SATBFugue in G minor K401
MOZART4Three pieces fropm piano concerto No.24, arr by M Rosenberg
MOZART4SATBFugue K201 arr by Dom G Murray
MOZART4SSATA Mozart suite, arr by C Gordon
MOZART4SSAT/GbA Second Mozart suite, arr by C Gordon
MOZART4SATBThe Magic Flute, arr by A Rosenstengel
MOZART4S A/B1 A/B2 T/GbAllegro from K240, arr by Tony Frost
MOZART4SSATMozart in London suite K15, arr by C Gordon
MOZART4SATBQuartet in D major K155, arr by F Cairns
MOZART4SATBMarch of the priests, from The Magic Flute, arr by E Hunt
MOZART4SATBTheme & Variations from the Sonata in A Major KV 331 Arr. A. Rosenstengel
MOZART4SATBTheme from Piano Concerto no 24 Arr M. Rosenberg
MOZART1A + PianoSechs Serenaden - No. 6 in B, 5 in B, 1 in Eb, 2 in F, # in Bb, 4 in Eb
MOZART2AASonate KV 292
MOZART WA2A + PianoSechs Serenaden No. 6 in B major 4147 No. 5 in B major 4146 No. 1 in E flat major 4142 No. 2 in F major 4143 No. 3 in B falt major 4144 No. 4 in E flat major 4145
MOZART, LeopoldSmall BooksSATEight Dances
MOZART, W. ASmall BooksSelected movements arr by W Bergmannn
MOZART, W. ASmall BooksSSAAcht Spielstucke
MOZART, W. A3AAACanon on the death of a nightingale
MOZART, W. A3SATGlockensoeil musik (Arr. By Johannes Wagner)
MOZART, W. A3SSATwo Adagios (Arr. F Spiegl)
MOZART, W. A1S/TSalzburger Menuett
MOZART, W. A2SS12 Easy Duets for 2 Descants arr. TWS Walker
MOZART, W. A.Small BookSSASelected Movements arr. Walter Bergman
MOZART, WA5SA A/T TBDivertimento KV 213 arr by Malcolm Tattersall
MOZART, WA5SAATBAllegro Molto from ddivertimento No. 14, K270
MOZART, WA5Sop,SATBAdagio K411
MOZART, WA3AAR + ATBDivertiment no. 3 Rondo and allegro
MOZART, WA3ATBRondo a la Turque
MOZART, WA3SATDivertimento
MOZART, WA3SATDivertimento II
MOZART, WA3SATDivertimento III
MOZART, WA3ATBAllegro from Divertimento No 1 K229, Arr by E Reichental
MOZART, WA3SATTrio, arr by A Hart
MOZART, Wolfgang10SAAAATTBBBPapageno's aria from "The Magic Flute" Arr by Roy Sansom
MOZART, Wolfgang AmadeusSmall BooksSATPieces from the London Sketch Book
MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus6Sop,SAATBDivertimento no.11 in CV major, K251
MULLER-HARTMANN, R3SATSuite for recorders
MULLER-HARTMANN, R.3SATSuite for Recorders
MULLER-REUTER, Brigitte2SSGut Spiel
MUNDY, William & WHYTE, Robert 5ATTB(T)BTwo Elizabethan fancyes
MUNDY, William & WHYTE, Robert 5SAT T/B BTwo In Nomines
MURRAY, Dom Gregory4SATB8 Consort pieces
MURRAY, Michael4AATBKyrie, Avondale Press
MURRILL, Herbert1A + PianoSonata
MUSSORGSKY, Modeste8SoSAATTBGbSorochintsy Fair: three pieces
NEWMAN, Harold & Consoli , Marc-Antonion2SSLittle Works of Great Masters
NICHOLSON, Richard5SSATBThree consort pieces
NINE 16 Century dances4SATBVol 2 nos 6 - 9
NORTHWOOD, Thomas3SATFantasia on a minuet
OBRECHT, Jacob3SATThree Trios for Recorders
OBRECHT, Jacob & ISAAC, Hendrick3SATThree trios for recorders
OROLOGIO, Alexander6SSAATBTwelve intradas
OROLOGIO, Alexander6AATTBBTwo intradas for six equal instruments
ORR, HughBooksSBasic Recorder Technique Volume 2
PACHELBEL, Johann4SATBThree fugues
PACHELBEL, Johann3ATBChaconne in C
PACHELBEL, Johann3SATTwo Fugues
PAISIBLE, James4AAAA + PianoSonata
PAISIBLE, James1A + PianoSonata in D
PAISIBLE, James2AASonata in D minor Op. 1 No. 1
PAISIBLE, James2AASonata in D minor
PAISIBLE, James2AASonata in F major
PAISIBLE,James2AAOp. 1 No. 1 Sonata in d minor
PAISIELLO1A + Voice + PianoAria “Rein ne peut calmer ma peine”, ed by E Hunt
PAISIELLO2S + Voice + Piano"Rien ne Peut Calmer Ma Piene" arr. Edgar H. Hunt
PALESTRINA, G. P.4SATB8 Vierstimmege Ricercare
PALESTRINA, Giovanni4TTBGbAdoramus te
PALESTRINA, Giovanni4AAAT/TTTBTwo motets
PALESTRINA, Giovanni4SATBSicut Cervus
PALESTRINA, Pierluigi4SATBDa Ricercare (Primo Tono) arr. Dom Gregory Murray
PALESTRINA, Pierluigi da4SATBRicercare prima tono
PALESTRINA, Pierluigi da4SATBLoqquebantur variis linguis
PALESTRINA, Pierluigi da4SATBRicercare (Quinto Tono)
PALESTRINA, Pierluigi da4SATB2 Ricercare arr by Ross Winters
PALESTRINA, Pierluigi da4SAAT/ATTB2 More ricercare
PALESTRINA, Pierluigi da4SATB2 Ricercare
PALESTRINA, Pierluigi da5SSATBExsultate Deo arr by Fred Dobber
PALESTRINA, Pierluigi da6SATTTBLitaniae de Beate Virgine Maria
PALESTRINA, Pierluigi da & VICTORIA, Tomas Luis5SSATBO gloria trinitas & Gande Maria Virgo
PAPANDOPULO, Boris6SoSATBGb + PERCUSSIONKroatische Volkstanze
PARCHAM, Andrew1A + ContSolo in G minor
PARSONS, Robert5SSATBDe la Court, In nomine, Songe called Trumpetts
PARSONS, Robert7SSATTBB/SAABBBBTwo In Nomines in 7 parts
PARSONS, Robert4AATBPandolpho
PART, Arvo4SATBPari Intervallo
PART, Arvo7SASTBTBArbos for 7 + Triangles
PAUBON, PierreSmall BooksSSAJeux de Flutes IV
PEARSON, William2AATwo Pastoral Fugues (Dolmetsch & Hunt)
PEDERSON, Morgens5SSATBEcco la Primavera
PEDERSONS, Mogans5SSATBEcco La Primavia
PEDLEY, David3SATFive Bagatelles
PENTLAND, Barbara4SATBIntrada and Canzona
PEPUSCH J. C.2AASonate in F
PEPUSCH J. C.1S/T + pianoSonata in G
PEPUSCH J. C.1A + Voice + Cello + PianoCantata “Coryden”, arr by M Wailes
PEPUSCH J. C.2SA + cont.“Corydon”
PEPUSCH J. C.1A + cont.Sechs Sonaten Volume 1 - 3
PEPUSCH J. C.3SAT+pianoOverture to Beggar's opera
PEPUSCH J. C.3AABSonata in F major
PEPUSCH J. C.4AATT + PianoQuintet in F
PEPUSCH J. C.4AATT + PianoQuintet in F
PEPUSCH, J2AASonate in F
PEPUSCH, J. C.1S/A/T + PianoSonata in G
PERGOLESI, Giovanni Battista4SSAT(B)Tanze
PETIT, Ninot Le 4SATBFive Chansons
PEUERL, Paul6SSA(T)TBTwo canzons
PEUERL,Paul4SATBTwo Suites
PEZ, J. C.2AA + PianoPastorale in F arr. Edgar Hunt
PEZ, J. C.1A + PianoAdagio and Presto
PEZ, Johann Christoph4SATBSuite (also pieces by Dornel, Lully, Krieger, Laine, Paiseble)
PHALESE, Pierre4SATBPremier Livre de Danseries, vol 1
PHALESE, Pierre4SATBPremier Livre de Danseries, vol 2
PHALESE, Pierre4SATBPremier Livre de Danseries, vol 3
PHILIPS, Peter5SSATBPavan & galliard "Dolorosa"
PHILIPS, Peter5SAATBPavan & galliard "Pagget" & Aria del Gran Duca
PHILIPS, Peter6Pavan passamezzo
PHILLIPS, Peter3SATTrio for Recorders
PIGGOTT, H E3SSAThree pieces
PLEYEL, Ignaz Joseph4SSATAndante and Allegro
POLNISCHEN, music der4SATBRenaissance
POPE, Peter1A + PianoSonatina
POPPETTES3SSA/TRecorder Poppettes book 1 & 2
PRAETORIUS, Hieronymus2 Choirs 8SSAT/TTBBTwo Antiphonal Christmas Carols
PRAETORIUS, Michael4SATBO lux Beata
PRAETORIUS, Michael4SATBTirpsichore
PRAETORIUS, Michael6Passamezzos & Galliards
PRAETORIUS, Michael4SATBAllerley Frantzosische Dantze zu vier Stimmen
PRAETORIUS, Michael4SATBSechs Tanzfolgen
PROKOFIEV, Sergei4SATBPrelude "Harp"
PUGSLEY, David6Sop SAATBThree Bulgarian Dances
PURCELL3SAA + PianoPurcell Album for Recorders and Piano arr Bergmann
PURCELL, Daniel3AAB + pianoTrio Sonate
PURCELL, Daniel2AB + PianoDrei Sonaten
PURCELL, Daniel1A + PianoSonata in D Minor (Arr. E. Hunt)
PURCELL, Daniel1A + PianoSonata in D minor
PURCELL, Daniel1S + PianoDivisions on a ground bass
PURCELL, Daniel1S + PianoA second set of theatre tunes
PURCELL, Daniel2AB + PianoDrei Sonaten
PURCELL, H.2AA + PianoChaconne arr. Walter Bergman
PURCELL, HANDEL, BACH2ATDuets arr. Dom Murray
PURCELL, Henry4SSATFour pieces
PURCELL, Henry6SAATB/AATTBAIn Nomine 1 arr. Walter Bergmann
PURCELL, Henry7SSATTBBIn Nomine 2 arr. Walter Bergmann
PURCELL, Henry4SATBAbdelazar: five pieces
PURCELL, Henry4SATBDistressed innocence: air, hornpipe and slow air: vol 2
PURCELL, Henry4SATBDistressed innocence: overture and air I: vol I
PURCELL, Henry4SATBFruhlingslied
PURCELL, Henry4SATBChacony arr by R Coles
PURCELL, Henry4SATBGordian knot untied
PURCELL, Henry4SSA(T)T(B)Six instrumental pieces
PURCELL, Henry4SATBFive Instrumental pieces arr by DR Smith
PURCELL, Henry4SATBAllelujah
PURCELL, Henry4SATB + PianoMusic to Dioclesian
PURCELL, Henry4SSABChaconne from The Fairy Queen, arr by G Lewin
PURCELL, Henry4SSABSecond set of pieces (from the Fairy Queen), arr by J Beckett
PURCELL, Henry4AAA + GbChaconne
PURCELL, Henry4SATBSuite "The Fairy Queen"
PURCELL, Henry4SATBFantasia 10 and Fantasia 11
PURCELL, Henry4SATBFantasia 4 and Fantasia 6
PURCELL, Henry4SATBFantasia 7 and Fantasia 8
PURCELL, Henry4SATBIncidental music "Dioclesian"
PURCELL, Henry5SATBGbChaconne in D minor
PURCELL, Henry5SSATBDido’s Lament “When I am Laid in Earth”, arr by G Lewin
PURCELL, Henry3SAT + pianoChaconne from the Fairy Queen
PURCELL, Henry3AATTrio, arr by R Knechtel
PURCELL, Henry3ATBSonata VI, arr by G Lewin
PURCELL, Henry3SABFantasia in G minor
PURCELL, Henry3SAT + percussionRondeau from Abdelazar
PURCELL, Henry3SAA + pianoAir, minuet, rondo
PURCELL, Henry3SAT +pianoPurcell album for recorders & piano Arr Bergman
PURCELL, Henry3ATBTrio in F
PURCELL, HenrySmall BooksSS(A)T(B)Trio-stucke
PURCELL, Henry6SAA AT B or SAAA A/T BIn Nomine 1
PURCELL, Henry7SSATT BBIn Nomine 2
PURCELL, Henry6SoSATBGbSymphony (Ode for Queen Mary’s birthday, 1689) Arr by Paul Clark
PURCELL, Henry2AA + pianoChaconne from "Dioclesian"
PURCELL, Henry4SATBFantasia No. 12
PURCELL, Henry2AA + PianoChaconne from "Dioclesian"
PURCELL, Henry4SATBVol II - Air II, Hornpipe, Slow Air
PURCELL, Henry2SAShort Duets
QUANTZ, J J2AASix Duets for 2 treble recorders, op. 2 Nos 1-3
QUANTZ, J J2AASix Duets for 2 treble recorders, op. 2 Nos 4-6
QUANTZ, J.2AASix Duets for two alto recorders - Op. 2 Nos 1-3
QUANTZ, J.2AASix Duets for two alto recorders - Op. 2 Nos 4-6
QUANTZ, J. J.3AAASonata a 3
QUANTZ, J. J.3AT + B or pianoTrio Sonate in C
QUARTETS4SATBfor recorders for beginners
RACHLIN, Ezra3SATVariations on an old French theme
RAKSIN, David4AATBSerenade from The Unicorn in the Garden
RAVEL, Maurice5SATBGb PianoPavane for a Dead Infant
RAVEL, Maurice5SATB GB+ PianoPavanepour une unfante defunte
RAVEL, Maurice4SSTTTrois Chansons arr. Ray Thompson
REIZENSTEIN, Franz1A + PianoPartita (Entrada, Sarabande, Bouree, Jig)
RICHARDS, Paul5SATBGbHeavy Bananas!
RIMMERr, John6Sop SATB GBThe Exotic Circle
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, N.9SoSAATTBGbCbDance of the tumblers
ROBINSON, Rosemary5SATTBRiver Song
RODGERS, Irene1PianoCarols for Little Boys and Girls
RORE4ATTBCipriano de arr by Nagel Quartets (4) vol.1
ROSENHECK, Alan4SATBRosenhecken-rosen
ROSERBERG, Stebe3SSSRecorder Playing
RUSSELL-SMITH, Geoffrey6SSAATBThree Touches
RUSSELL-SMITH, Geofrey6SSAATBThree Touches
SALKELD, RobertBooksSPlay the Recorder Book 1
SALKELD, Robert2SA + Piano12 Graded Pieces
SALKELD, Robert2SA+ pianoFirst Concert Pieces
SALKELD, Robert2SA+ pianoA Second Book of Concert Pieces
SALKELD, RobertBooksAPlay the Recorder
SALKELD, Robert2SA + PianoFirst Concert Pieces
SALKELD, Robert2SA + PianoSecond Book of Concert Pieces
SAMMARTINI, G.2AA + PianoZwolf Sonaten
SAMUELSON, Carol5SATTBJovano Jovanke – Macedonian folk music
SANSOM, Roy4SATBFandango
SCARLATTI, A.1A + 2 violins + PianoConcerto
SCARLATTI, Alessandro3SATSonata FA Maggiore
SCARLATTI, Domenico3SATSonata in D
SCARLATTI, Domenico104S2A2T2BCapriccio fugato in ten parts
SCARLATTI, Domenico4SATBKatzenfuge
SCARLATTI, Domenico10SSSSAATTBBCapriccio Fugato in 10 parts
SCHEIDT, Samuel4SATBTwo Paduans
SCHEIDT, Samuel5SSATBBergamasca
SCHEIDT, Samuel5SATTBTwo canzons: Aechiopica, O Nachbar Roland
SCHEIDT, Samuel5SSATB+continuoCanzon a 5 Est-ce Mars
SCHEIDT, Samuel5SSAT GB+continuoCanzon super Cantionem Belgicam
SCHEIDT, Samuel6SSAT GB+continuoCanzon super Cantionem Belgicam
SCHEIN, Johann6SSATBCanzon a 6
SCHEIN, Johann Hermann5SSATBSuite 15 (Banchetto Musicale)
SCHEIN, Johann Hermann5SSATBSuite no. 18
SCHEIN, Johann Hermann5SSATBSuite no 8
SCHEIN, Johann Hermann5SSATBZwei Suiten aus "Banchetto Musicale"
SCHEIN, Johann Hermann5SSATBSonata
SCHMELZER, J. H.7SSAATTBSonata (Arr. E. H. Meyer)
SCHNEIDER, Herbert 4SATB + Guitar & PercDances and Songs from South America
SCHNIFFIS, LaurentiusSmall BooksSABDedekind, Elf Tanzweisen
SCHUBERT, FranzBooksSMelodies for Descant Recorder
SCHUBERT, Franz4SATBViennese dance D128 no 2 Arr by Peter Billam
SCHUBERT, Franz5SAATBDas Fischermadchen Arr by Roy Sansom
SCHUBERT, Franz3SATEight movements for recorder trio
SCHUBERT, Franz6SSATB GBStandchen , Arr by Roy Sansom
SCHUBERT, Franz8SoSAATTBGbMarch Militaire
SCHUBERT, Robert1S + PianoSonatina in G
SCHULZ, Walter4SATBThree Pieces for Recorder Consort
SCHUMANN, Robert1S + PianoSonatina in G
SCHUTZ, Heinrich5SSATBFantasia a 5
SCHUTZ, Heinrich5SSA A/T BFantasia à 5 (transcribed by Aaron Williams)
SEIBER, Matyas4SATBDance Suite, Vol. 2
SENFL, Ludwig4ATTBMotet: Ecce quam bonum
SEROCKI, Kazimierz4SATBImprovisations
SHEPHERD, Adeline4S(+sop)ATBPickles & Peppers – a rag oddity
SHORT, Michael5SAATBInvocation and fugue
SHORT, Michael4SATBIntrada, Song, and Dance
SIBELIUS8SoSSSAABGbKarelia suite Op.11: Alla marcia
SILCOCKS, Eileen4SATBWest Country suite
SIMPSON, Christopher3SSA/TSuite
SIMPSON, KennethSmall BookSS/SSS/SSSSDescants in Consort
SIMPSON, KennethSmall BookS/SS/SSS/SSSS7 Pieces for Descants in Consort
SOUSA J.P.4SA A/T BTwo Marches Liberty Bell, Old Comrades
SOUSA J.P.4SATBThe Gladiator & King Cotton
SOUSA J.P.5SATTBThe Gladiator
SOUSA J.P.5SA+sop TTBKing Cotton
SOUSA, John Phillip & TIEKE5SAA/TTBThe Liberty Bell, Old comrades
STADEN, Johann5SSA A/T BGagliarda aand Pavanen
STAEPS, Hans Ulrich1B + PianoMusic for the bass recorder
STAEPS, Hans Ulrich5SATTBArkadische Szene
STAEPS, Hans Ulrich3SATDas Lied Tont Fort
STAEPS, Hans Ulrich5SSATBMusic for Young Players
STANLEY, John1A + PianoTwo Short Pieces
STOTT, PhillipBooksThe Wind in the Willows Recorder Book
STRAUSS, Johann4SSAATritsch Tratche Polka
STRAUSS, Johann3SAT + PianoEmperor Waltz
STRAUSS, Johann3SAT + PianoThe Blue Danube arr. Harry Dexter
STRAUSS, Johann Jnr6SSAATBPersian March and Sangerlust Polka
STRUNGK, N. A1A + PianoSuiten und Airs
SULLIVAN, Arthur5SATT/BB`Six dances from G&S operas
SULLIVAN, Arthur5SATTBOverture to Patience
SULLIVAN, Arthur & VERDI, Guiseppe5S/T A/Sop TBBH.M.S. Pinafore: overture - prelude “La Traviata”
SUSATO, Tielman4SATB25 dances
SUSATO, Tielman4SATBDanserye: part 1
SUSATO, Tielman4SAAT/ATTBTwo Graces: O Souverain Pasteur & Pere Eternal
SWEELINCK, J. P.4SAATVariations on an Old German Song
SWEELINCK, J. P.5SSATBHodie Christus natus est
SWEELINCK, Jan Pieterszoon4SAATVariations on an old German song
SWEELINCK, Jan Pieterszoon4SATBFantasia
SWEELINCK, Jan Pieterszoon4SATBMein Junges Leben hat ein End
SWEELINCK, Jan Pieterszoon4SATBWeltliche Lieder und Tanze
Szönyi, Elisabeth BooksSA + GuitarVingt Chansons Populaires Hongroises Volume 1 and 2
TALLIS, Thomas4SATBNine Psalm tunes
TALLIS, Thomas4SATBVerily Verily I Say unto You
TALLIS, Thomas5SAATBsaatb
TANSMAN, Alexandre3SATSuite pour flutes a bec
TANZE of the Golden Age5SSATBArr by Hermann Wagner
TASKER, William4SATBFour moods
TATTERSALL, Malcolm4SATBThe Lion Sleeps Tonight
TATTERSALL, Malcolm4SATBThe Woolshed Ball (6 pieces)
TATTERSALL, Malcolm4SATBNative companions Dancing
TATTERSALL, Malcolm5AATTBAlien landscape II
TATTERSALL, Malcolm3AAB or AATTwo Slow Airs
TAVERNER, John5SATTBSub tuum praesidium
TAYLOR, StanleyBooksSTwenty Miniatures
TAYLOR, Stanley2SAElementary Duets
TCHAIKOVSKY, P4SATBAndante Cantabile from string quartet in D, op 11
TEJEDA, Alonso de 5SSATBRex autem
TELEMANN1ASix Fantasias for solo alto recorder
TELEMANN1A + Oboe + Violin + PianoConcerto a 4
TELEMANN1A + PianoSonata No. 1
TELEMANN1A + PianoSonata in F Major
TELEMANN1A + PianoSonata in C Major
TELEMANN , GP2AASonata no 1 in F ed by Anton Winkler
TELEMANN , GP2AASix sonatas in canon
TELEMANN , GP2SS/SSSPiezas Galantes
TELEMANN , GP2AASix duets for two alto recorders: first book 1 - 3 Second book 4 -6
TELEMANN , GP2ATCanon: Ich will den Herrn Loben
TELEMANN , GP2AA6 duets (sonatas) Vol 1 Nos. 1-3
TELEMANN , GP2A,B and/or pianoSonate Metodiche
TELEMANN , GP2A, A/T + pianoTrio Sonata in F major Arr by Edgar Hunt
TELEMANN , GP2AASonate in B flat Major
TELEMANN , GP2SAKleine Stucke
TELEMANN , GP4AT+violin+ cello/pianoQuartet in F
TELEMANN , GP2S/T +pianoGiga
TELEMANN, G. P.4SATBFour fugues
TELEMANN, G. P.4SSATOuverture F-dur: A la Pastorelle
TELEMANN, G. P.3A + Violin + PianoTrio Sonata in F Major arr. Hunt
TELEMANN, G. P.1S + PianoWedding Divertissement
TELEMANN, G. P.2AASonata No 1 in F
TELEMANN, G. P.2AASix Sonatas in Canon
TELEMANN, G. P.2SS/SSSPiezas galantes
TELEMANN, G. P.2AASix Duets for 2 Altos
TELEMANN, G. P.2ATCanon - Ich will den Herrn Loben arr Lucerne
TELEMANN, G. P.2ABSonate Metodiche
TELEMANN, G. P.2A A/TTrio Sonata in F arr Hunt
TELEMANN, G. P.2AASonate in Bb
TELEMANN, G. P.2AT + violin/Cello/PianoQuartet in F
TELEMANN, G. P.1S + PianoPartita No. 4 in G minor
TELEMANN, G. P.3AA + Bass continuoTrio Sonata in F major
TELEMANN, G.P.3SAT (+piano)Telemann Album, 14 Arrangements, arr by W Bergmann
TELEMANN, G.P.3SS/TT + PianoGiga
TELEMANN, G.P.3AA & B or pianoSonata in C minor
TELEMANN, G.P.2AASonata in C
TELEMANN, G.P.2AASonata in G
TELEMANN, G.P.6AA + 2 Oboes, 2 Violins + PianoConcerto a 7
TELEMANN, G.P.7AA 2 Oboes, 2 Violins +ContinuoConcerto a 7
TELEMANN, GP1A + piano/celloSonate No. 1 In F major
TELEMANN, GP1S + PianoPartita No. 2 (arias 1-6)
TELEMANN, GP1A + piano/celloSonate in D minor
TELEMANN, GP1A + piano/celloSonate in C major
TELEMANN, GP1A + piano/celloSonate No. 2 in C major
TELEMANN, GP1A + violinSonate in B flat major, arr by E Hunt
TELEMANN, GP1A + PianoSonate no. 3 in F minor
TELEMANN, GP1A + piano + violin + celloSonate
TELEMANN, GP1A + ViolaSonate in B flat major
TELEMANN, GP1ASix fantasias for solo alto recorder
TELEMANN, GP1A/B + pianoSonate in F major
THOMPSON, David4SATBJubilee waltz
THOMPSON, David4SATBPrelude and Rondo
THOMPSON, David5SAATBLatin American suite : Kalymbo Fiesta
THOMPSON, David5SAATBLatin American suite no. 2
THOMPSON, David5SAATBLatin American Suite
THORBY, Philip4SATBAn Irish Suite
THORN, Benjamin3SATThree Cantigas
THORN, Benjamin5AATTBFricasseed Frogs for Felicity
THORNOWITZ, Henry1A + PianoSonata da camera no. 5 in G
TOMKINS, Thomas4SATB5 Pavans & 2 Galliards
TOMKINS, Thomas6S(A)S(A)ATTBMusic divine
TOMKINS, Thomas12SSSAAATTTBBBO Praise the lord, arr by D Bamforth
TOMKINS, Thomas4SATB5 Pavans and 2 Galliards
TOMKINS, Thomas4SATBFancy & Voluntary
TOUCHIN, Colin4SATBDivertimento
TOUCHIN, Colin6Sop SAT GbStaffordshire Festival
TOUCHIN, Colin4SATBDivertimento (op.21)
TOUCHIN, Colin4SATBSonata for Recorder Group
TURNER, Bruno (Arr.)3SATFive 13th Century pieces
TYE, Christopher5SA A/T TBTwo Quintets, arr by M Wailes
TYE, Christopher5SS/ATTBThree quintets: Crye, O lux beata trinitas, Farewell my good I forever
Tye, Christopher5SATTBTwo Quintets arr. Marilyn Wailes
TYE, Christopher & STROGERS, Nicholas5S S/A TTBIn Nomine – Trust & Nomine
UNGER, Walter (Arr.)3SSAKommt Pfeifl und Trombt (Christmas music)
VALENTINE, R.1S/T + pianoSonata no.1 in F
VALENTINE, R.1S + PianoSonata No. 8 in G major
VALENTINE, R.3AA + PianoTrio Sonata in C major
VAN BEEKUM Jan3SSS/TTTTwo sonatinas for three melody instruments of equal tuning
VAN EYCK, J1SDer Fluten-Lusthof
VAN WILDER, Philip4SATBFantasia con pause et senza pause
VAN WILDER, Philip5SAATBFour chansons for five voices or instruments
VANIER, Jeanine3SATFantasia
VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS1A + PianoFantasia on Greensleeves
VECCHI, Orazio4SATBSelva di varie ricreation: songs and dances
VECCHI, Orazio7SAT+AATBAmor e Foco 2 choir
VECCHI, Orazio8SATB+SATB2 Dialogi 2 Choir
Vecchi, Orazio4SATBAl bel de tuoi capelli
VENTO, Ivo de4AATBEight Lieder
VERDELOT, Philippe4S/A TTBModrige and Motet “Italia Mia”
VERDELOT, Philippe4S A/T A/T BMotet “Si bona suseptimus de manu domine”
VERDI, Guiseppe5SATTBPrelude "La Traviata" (file under "Sullivan")
VIADANA, da, Ludovico2 Choirs 8SATB/SATBGrossi Canzona La Padovana
VIADANA, de Lodovico Grossi8SATB+SATBLa Romana & La Mantovana 2 Choir
VIADANA, de Lodovico Grossi8SATB+SATBLa Padovana 2 Choir
VIADANA, de Lodovico Grossi8SATB+SATBCanzona “La Padovana” 2 Choir
VICTORIA, de Thomas Luis8SATB+SATB/CBAve Maria 2 Choir
VICTORIA, de Thomas Luis8SA A/T, T/B +SATBDixit Dominus 2 Choir
VICTORIA, de Thomas Luis8SATB+ATTBLaudate Pueri Dominam 2 Choir
VICTORIA, de, Thomas6SSATTBQyuem vidistes, Pastores
VICTORIA, Tomas Luis - DE5S/A, A/T, A/T, T,BTwo Marian Antiphons Regina Coeli, and Ave Regina Coelorum Oriel Lib. OL 223, 1999 Score & part
VITALI, G B5SSATB"La Scalabrina"
VIVALDI, Antonio4SAABAllegro from Opus 3/11
VIVALDI, Antonio3SATConcerto movement for recorder trio
VIVALDI, Antonio3AAB or ATBConcerto in G minor
VIVALDI, Antonio3AB + 2 violins + pianoKoncert in C major
VIVALDI, Antonio2AB or A + PianoSonate in G minor
VIVALDI, Antonio2AB+pianoSonate in G minor
VIVALDI, Antonio2AB+pianoTrio in A minor
VIVALDI, Antonio1A + Piano/celloSonate in F major
VIVALDI, Antonio1A + Piano/celloSonate in G minor
VIVALDI, Antonio1A + Piano/celloSonate
VIVALDI, Antonio1A + Piano/bassIl Pastor fido, op.13 Six sonatas for flute & continuo
VIVALDI, Antonio1A + Piano/celloSonatae in G Minor
VIVALDI, Antonio1A/B + 2 violinsKonzert in C Major
VIVALDI, Antonio2AB + PianoSonate in G minor
VIVALDI, Antonio2AB + PianoTrio in A minor
VIVALDI, Antonio1A + String Quartet + PianoConcerto IV
VIVALDI, Antonio1A + String Quartet + PianoConcerto III
VIVALDI, Antonio1A = String Quartet + PianoConcerto VI
VIVALDI, Antonio1A = String Quartet + PianoConcerto V
VIVALDI, Antonio1A = String Quartet + PianoConcerto III
WAGNER JohannesSmall BooksSATHandbuch Des Bloskflotisten
WALKER, T S arr.1SBallet Tune
WALKER, T S arr.1SFamous Tunes from The Messiah
WARLOCK, Peter6SAATTBCapriol Suite arr by Stanley Taylor
WARLOCK, Peter5SAATBCapriol Suite (Arr. S. Taylor)
WEELKES, Thomas4SATBNow Every Tree Arr by Peter Billam
WEELKES, Thomas5SAATBThree Madrigals
WHITNEY, Maurice4AATBThe Carnival Suite. 1. The Carousel
WHITNEY, Maurice4BBBBThe Bass Quartet
WHITNEY, Maurice C3AAB + pianoMozart Rides Again
WIDMAN, Erasmus5SATTBCanzonas and Intradas
WILBYE, John3SST or AABFour Madrigals
WILBYE, John3SAT or ATBFour more Madrigals
WILBYE, John6SSAATBDraw on sweet night
WILBYE, John6SSAATBFantasia a 6
WILBYE, John6SSAATBDraw on sweet night Arr P J Billam
WILBYE, John6SSAATBFantasia a 6
WILLEART, Adrian3SATCanzonet (Imogen Holst)
WILLEART, Adrian3ATBFour Trios
WILLIAM, R. Vaughan4SATBSuite for recorders
WILLIAMS, V.1S + PianoLinden Lea Arr. S Taylor
WITZENMANN, Wolfgang4SATBBourdon III for four recorders
WOHLGEMUTH, Gerhard1A + PianoSonatine
WOODCOCK, Robert2SS + PianoAir & Gavotte
ZANGIUS, Nikolaus3A(T)TB/S(A)S(A)TDialogus 1617
ZEILDER, FranzBooksSARecorder Ensembles
ZILLER, Dietrich4SSSA/TSpielmusik
ZILLER, Dietrich3SSACanzon da Sonar
Small BooksS S/A A/TMusic of the Renaissance Ed by Erich Katz
Small BooksSSAMusic of the Baroque Ed by Erich Katz
Small BooksSS(A)T(B)MINUETS Schone minuette aus alter Zeit
Small BooksSSA/TSix Elizabethan Trios
Small BooksSATFolk-Dances for Recorder Trio Arr. By Stephanie Champion
Small BooksSATChris Edmunds Miniature Suite
BooksS or T + GuitarAlte Speilmusik/Old Pieces from the XVIIIth Century Arr. Kaestner R Zanoskar
BooksCeltic Tunes Compiled by Chris O’Connor & Suzette Watkins
BooksSATBDeutsche Meister des Barocks (Willi Hilleman)
BooksS + PianoElizabethan Dances & Ayres From the Fitwilloiam Virginal Book
BooksSMy Recorder Tune Book by Freda Dinn
BooksSSA/TOld English Pieces arr Edgar Hunt
BooksSS + Piano + VoicePlay & Sing with Us
BooksSSA/TPurcell Album for Recorders and Piano arr Bergmann
BooksSAT + PianoSecond Handel Album arr Bergmann
BooksSATBSix Sixteenth Century Quartets arr Bergmann
BooksSSSpielbuch by von FG Giesbert
BooksSThe School Recorder Book Part 1 E Priestley and F. Fowler
1A + PianoDivisions on ‘The Carman’s Whistle’ (C. Dolmetsch & J. Saxby)
BooksA + PianoA Collection of Reels, Jigs and Hornpipes
BooksA + guitarFrom the British Isles Folk songs arr. by M Maxwell
BooksSAAMEB Manual of scales and arpeggios for descant and treble
4SATB + Guitar & PerDances & Songs from South America
Small BookATLittle Duets of Old Masters Vol 1
Small BookElizabethan Dances & Ayres arr Hunt
Small BookSS/SSA/SSAAFifty Songs of Praise Bk 2
Small BookAATrebles Delight, Country Dances & Songs arr. Bergman
2AAFolksongs & Dances
Book1 or 2 S + PianoClassical Album ed. Edward Hunt
CollectionSSSFolk Songs ed. Benjamin Britten & Imogen Holst
CollectionVariousRecorder Pieces from 12th - 20th Century ed. Britten & Holst
Small BookSSFrench Duets - 17th & 18th Century
Small BookSATB or String quartetThe Jacobean Consort Book - arr. Edgar H. Hunt
Small BookS + PianoOld Dances & Airs - various composers - 17th & 18th Centuries
Small BookS + PianoElizabethan Dances and Ayes - arr. Edgar H. Hunt from Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
Small BookS S/A A/TTwelve National Airs arr. Edgar H. Hunt
Small BookS100 Traditional Irish Tunes
Small BookS + PianoDances from South America
Small BookSSAAAssorted Consorts in 4 Parts
Small BookSATDances from Playford arr. Michael Meech
Small BookSATSix Shakespeare Songs arr. Imogen Holst
2SAClassical Duets - various
Small BookA22 Tunes from The Compleat Tutor (1770)

Through generous bequests by previous members there is also a selection of instruments which are available for short-term loan.